A kind Cabbage patch doll collector donated number of “TLC Cabbies” for the LoveAgain Doll Project. Among them had really, really, yes, really REALLY curly, silky hair. It’s referred to as Cornsilk hair and a number of Cabbage Patch youngsters were made with this sort of hair.

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Her hairstyle looked kind of date (1980’s) and also at that time i didn’t have actually a clue exactly how to straighten doll hair. So she satellite in a box . . .


Fast forward to November 2016. I essential to develop a Buffy The Vampire Slayer tradition Cabbage Patch child doll because that a solitary mom struggling come raise 2 kids. The request came in from she sweet 13 year old son, and there to be NO method this lady wasn’t acquiring a feisty CPK under her tree!

Don’t forget to inspect out this step-by-step video clip about how to fix up a Cabbage spot Doll.

The problem was the the just doll that type of looked a little like Buffy to be this curly, tangled, frizzy-haired Cabbie cornsilk girl. I had actually to think the something!


Doll Hair Straightening tool Kit

I am pleased to say i figured that out, and also today i am sharing how I addressed the curly, tangled doll hair problem! This works for Cabbage Patch, American Girl dolls and also more.

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For this task you will need:

A doll with really tangled, curly, frizzy, confusing hair (this is walk to be FUN!)A saucepan of boil waterAdult supervision if you’re a kid. (Even if you’re not, it’s always a good idea to have actually someone else in the home if you room messing approximately with boiling water!)An old towelA experienced hair to organize kit choose the Wahl house Barber Kit, ORA wide-toothed combA narrow-toothed comb (think lice comb, for example, and also don’t ask mine why I have 3 or 4 that those in my house!)A pair that hair cutting scissors

P.S. Here’s just how to fix yarn hair on a Cabbage job doll.

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