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I"m curious because I think it may be something I"ll try for a couple minutes a day on my LeafGreen.I was wondering if anyone had any experience they can share.What I plan to do is reset my LeafGreen in order to get a shiny Charmander. Would I know that it"s a shiny right away in the picture that opens up after selecting the rememberingsomer.com or would I have to receive the rememberingsomer.com and then check the information on him in my rememberingsomer.com section?
prguitarman on April 7th, 2008 02:18 pm (UTC)
You"d have to view it in the status screen. It took me over 6 hours of almost nonstop resetting to get a shiny Charmander
All I"ve learnt is that it"s possible but takes a very long time because of a 1:8000 shiny ratio (I forget the exact ratio, but it"s over 8000, for realz.) Good luck, and may your shininess be shiny. Oh, and when you want to know if it"s shiny, there"ll be a nice red star in it"s info screen. Plus, it"ll look different coloured.

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(I know it, you want the awesomeness that is a black Charizard. XD)
Yes, that"s why I"m willing to give it a shot. I really had no idea that the shiny version was black. When I found out, I decided I wanted to give the resetting thing a try. hehe.
Good luck with your shiny hunt. I"m also SRing for a shiny starter in my FireRed specifically Squirtle. I"m also trying to get a shiny Mudkip in my sapphire. I"ve had experiance with SRing for shiny"s before, it could take a while but it is worth it. Again, good luck!
i"ve never soft-resetted for shinies, but with the 87.5% chance of getting male starters, i generally reset for females .

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good luck to you. ^_^
Heh, speaking of genders, my Piplup in D/P (and Charmander egg after it hatched) were... all surprisingly female. Go figure. :B
The only female starter I"ve ever had was a Torchic, and that was when I was restarting Emerald so I could transfer the starters to Pearl.
I"m pulling for Charmander too. My friend once SR"d for a shiny Charmander and got it, only to lose it (don"t ask me how!) and SRing and getting ANOTHER shiny Charmander! o_O
I bet they turned the game off by reflex. It"s annoying when you fall into routine, over and over, and even though you get what you want - you still turn the game off by reflex before you realize.... nooo!!
Isn"t it more like "Turn on game, Mash A button for ten minutes, find out you DIDN"T GET YOUR SHINY, rinse and repeat"?
Sure. But when you"ve done it hundreds of times, one after the other, you may accidentally slip and turn it off on your shiny. ;)
Good luck on that! I"ve actually wanted to try it for a while, but I... do not have that kind of attention span. |D;