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I have a 1994 Chevy K1500 truck. Ns am somewhat confused on just how to adjust and understand the timing. I simply want to inspect the timing and make sure it"s at 0 TDC prefer the factory stickers says. My man starts with the harmonic balancer, there"s 2 currently on the 3-4 inch apart i beg your pardon of this lines to be I intend to align come the timing guide? I recognize the process of adjusting it, I simply need to understand which heat is to line up to the guide. Also, whereby is the timing plug situated on this trucks? the doesn"t show up to it is in behind the black box by the passenger firewall. The looks favor its among the 2 plugs on the distributor. Back the sticker claims its not the 4 wire plug ~ above the distributor, but there"s an additional one right beside it the doesn"t have 4 wires. Please help need input.



I think the 2nd mark together it rotates clockwise is the one to obtain TDC or zero degrees and also the very first mark then will line up listed below that v the front engine covering tab.

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Well I"m simply trying to check base timing, therefore I would assume the my timing isn"t horribly off right now because I drive it evereryday. The being said, the Marj closest come the overview is the one I must line up, correct? I"m sure my timing isnt way off, but its most likely to be a degree or two off. So ns assume the one i will have to line up must be closest come the overview when ns look into the time light, correct?
That"s what I would do. Don"t forget to disconnect the "set distributor timing cable connector" before setup base timing.
Alright, so prior to disconnecting this ns should warmth the van up death it affix light loosen hold down bolt a tiny then unhook the timing breakthrough plug climate fire it back up, right? then after adjusting it death it then plug it back in too, right?
you"re appropriate I"ve heard if friend don"t warmth it up the time you see will it is in off. Thanks males I"m buying a timing light after work and also checking it. I suspect it is a couple of degrees turn off at the minimum. Additionally slow acceleration god to know the critical time the timing was also so much checked lol
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