If you’ve ever made a nice high bucket stack prefer i have on the cost-free 5 gallon buckets article, you’ve probably had actually the misfortune of sticking buckets together so tightly the you couldn’t pry castle apart.

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Wow. What’s v that terrible artwork?

Well, i don’t have any photos because that this article, so I’ve drawn some for you instead.

Stuck buckets supplied to take place to me every the time, so ns tried carrying a pliers roughly with me so I can wrestle buckets apart as soon as they grounding together. I finally damaged my pliers, so ns knew I had actually to discover a better way.

Here’s the quickest, easiest method to unstick 2 plastic buckets from every other. Every you require is her foot, eight and ago muscles.


In situation you can’t call what’s walk on from my dismal illustration, here’s what you should do.

Turn the buckets upside down so the the open end is facing toward the ground.Put her foot with the manage closest to the ground. If your buckets don’t have actually handles – i feel bad for friend – unsticking your buckets will be much harder. Skip to the finish of this post for the hot water solution.Grasp the top bucket – the one closest to the sky – by the rim and pull up using your earlier muscles.


This trick will certainly work about 95% the the time.

But! Sometimes you’ll have stuck buckets so vicious that you’ll need to go a step further. The hot water treatment.

Take her stuck buckets right into the bathroom with you and also run the external bucket under hot water because that 30 secs to a minute.Rotate her buckets therefore the hot water operation evenly over the entire outside.Try prying castle apart again utilizing the foot trick. It should slip conveniently now.

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The warm water actually broadens the little air pocket between the buckets so the push inside becomes closer come the press outside. That weakens the suction maintaining the buckets together, do them easier to pry apart. I’m certain there’s a physics formula that explains it, yet you won’t find an intricate math like that here.

I’ve never met 2 grounding buckets that could stay grounding after using both of this methods. For this reason that’s all you require to know to unstick any 2 buckets!