Technology is everywhere; that an integral component of our world. Much more specifically, an innovation refers to a thing, machine, or artifact created by humans. Words itself is a mix of the Greek words “techne,” which method “craft,” and also “logos,” an interpretation “saying.” for this reason, you can think of an innovation as an expression the a craft (or skill).

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In today’s world, the word “technology” usually provides us think the high-tech gadgets, like computers, cell phones, and also bluetooth speakers. For the objective of this blog post, we’ll cover multiple areas of modern technology in choose high tech, info tech, and also social media.

Tech Terms

As you jump head-first into el mundo de tecnología y informática, you’ll discover plenty of brand-new and advantageous vocabulary native to aid you to express yourself much more precisely. Once it come to technology in terms, rather a few of them were embraced from English and also require only slight sports in pronunciation.

Other terms are comparable to English words, simply because they re-publishing the same source of Greek or Latin. Overall, learning computer and also internet vocabulary in is easy and interesting, especially if you arrangement to use it in useful situations!


Technology in Nouns

Computer (Spain)el ordenadoror-day-nah-dor
Computer (Latin America)la computadorakome-poo-tah-dor-ah
Tabletuna tabletatab-leh-tah
Printeruna impresoraeem-press-or-ah
Mouseel ratónrah-tone
Hard Driveel disco durodees-koh doo-roh
Keyboardel tecladotake-lah-doh
Keyla teclatek-lah
Passwordla contraseñakon-trah-sane-ya
Headphones (Spain)los auricularesow-ree-koo-lah-rays
Headphones (Latin Am.)los audífonosow-dee-foh-nose
Microphoneel micrófonomeek-roh-foh-noh
Screenla pantallapan-tah-yah
Camerala cámarakah-mah-rah
Loudspeakerslos altavocesal-tah-boh-says
Speakerslas bocinasboh-see-nahs
Appla aplicaciónah-plee-kah-syohn
Databasela base de datosbah-say job dah-tose
Linkel enlaceen-lah-say
Networkla redred
Emailel correo electrónicokohr-ray-oh eh-lek-troh-nee-koh

Technology in Verbs

Turn onencenderen-sane-der
Turn offapagarah-pah-gar
Erase, Deleteborrarbohr-rar
Clickhacer clickah-ser kleek
Search in Googlebuscar en Googleboos-kar
Crashcaer el sistemakah-er el sees-tay-ma
Accessacceder aAk-sed-air ah
Log ininiciar sesiónEe-nee-syar ses-syohn
Browsenavegar pornah-bay-gar
Back uphacer una copia de seguridadah-ser oo-nah kop-ya day seh-goo-ree-dad

Technology in international Vocabulary

You’ll notification that the complying with words look pretty familiar, yet many that them have actually a pronunciation. In part cases, the borrowed words keep the English pronunciation, together is the situation with “software” and “hardware.” check it out!

Datala datadah-tah
Podcastel podcastpode-kahst
Mouseel mousemaus
Routerel routerroot-er
Wi-fiel wifiwee-fee
Internetel/la interneteen-tare-net
Blogel blogbloge
Cacheel cachékah-shay
Cookieslas cookieskoo-kees
Cursorel cursorkoor-soor
Firewallel firewallfeer-wal
Modemel módemmoh-dem
Softwareel softwaresohft-ware
Hardwareel hardwarehard-ware
Driveel driverdrai-ver

Technology in Phrases

While discovering vocabulary is essential, take it your research studies to the next level by preparing because that conversations related to technology! right here are 4 scenarios v sentences and also questions the you can use to describe an innovation in or get things done!

Surfing the Web

No debes tener más de 6 pestañas abiertas a la vez.You shouldn’t have more than 6 tabs open at once.

Paso horas navegando por el internet.I spend hrs surfing the internet.

Nunca hago click en anuncios.I never click advertisements.

¿Has visto mi nueva página web? Have you seen my new website?

¿Cual es la dirección web?What’s the internet address?

Quiero acceder a la página, pero me parece que tengo mal anotada el URL.I want to walk to the website, however it shows up I have the URL wrong.

Working Online

Tengo que escribirlo en mi blog.I need to write around it in my blog.

¿Podrias enviarme un correo electrónico?Could girlfriend send me one email?

Voy a reunir con mi equipo remoto por Zoom.I’m walk to satisfy with my far team top top Zoom.

Hay que actualizar la basic de datos.It’s important to update the database.

Socializing Online

Te quiero agregar a mi Facebook.I want to include you on Facebook.

¿Tienes tiempo para chatear?Do you have actually time to chat?

¡Ella no tiene ningún perfil en las redes sociales!She doesn’t have actually a solitary profile on social media!

¿Puedo compartir tu post?Can i share her post?

Computer Problems

No se enciende mi computadora.My computer system won’t rotate on.

Cayó el sistema de mi computadora.My computer system crashed.

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¿Cuánto va a costar repararla?How lot will it cost to fix it?

Las Redes Sociales: Vocabulary because that Social Media

Modern times wouldn’t be the very same without society media. We attach with one another remotely on more channels than ever before. Knowing just how to express social media technology in is extremely valuable when talking with your friends! Learn how to comment on social media in

Userel usuariooo-swar-yoh
Tagel etiquetaeh-tee-keh-tah
Profile picturela foto de perfilfoh-toh work per-feel
Influencerel influenciadoreen-floo-en-syah-dor
Followerslos seguidoresseh-gee-dor-ays
Postla publicaciónpoob-lee-kah-syohn
Commentel comentariokoh-men-tah-ryoh
Mentionla menciónmen-syohn
Cyber-bullyingel ciberacososee-ber-ah-koh-soh
Wallel muromoo-roh
Dashboard / Desktopel escritorioes-kree-toh-ryoh
Connectionla conexiónkoh-nek-syohn
Cloudla nubenoo-bay
Profileel perfilper-feel
Privacyla privacidadpree-bah-see-dad
To addagregarah-gray-gar
To attach withconectarse conkoh-nek-tar-say kohn
To tagetiquetareh-tee-ket-ar
To postpublicarpoob-lee-kar
To sharecompartirkom-par-teer
To spreaddifundirdee-foon-deer
To forwardreenviarray-en-byar
To replyresponderrays-pon-der
“Like”me gustamay goos-tah
Onlineen lineaen leen-yah

Check the end our poster with all this super useful social media vocabulary in! (You can download a PDF version of it below if you’d like to save it or publish it.)