What is the difference between "manchot" and "pingouin" and also are lock both analyzed to English as penguin?



The "manchots", or "penguins" in English, are birds who live in the Antarctic, in the southern hemisphere. Lock can"t operation nor fly, but they move quickly by sliding on the ice (as watched in cartoons); and they can cover quite a the majority of distance by walking. They use their wing in order to swim underwater. Greater types (as the Emperor penguin ~ above the adhering to picture) have the right to be as much as 1.20 m in length.

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The "pingouins ", or "auks" in English, live in the north hemisphere (mostly in coastal regions of pleasant to arctic climate). They can fly and don"t measure more than 40 cm. Great auks, an extinct species, can measure approximately 75 centimeter (the great auk to be flightless).


Both space kinds of bird (the penguin feathers are adapted for thermal isolation and also floatability, yet they are however feathers, and also there is no doubt that the penguin is a 100% actual bird).

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From Wikipédia

Dans de nombreuses langues, deux termes différents sont utilisés to water désigner les deux espèces de pingouin, ce terme n’a donc pas de traduction exacte. En anglais, le terme Great Auk désigne le grand Pingouin, auk étant un terme générique désignant le add to souvent l’ensemble des alcidés. Le petit Pingouin est quant à lui appelé razorbill.

= In number of languages, over there are different words because that the two species of pingouin. Therefore, this noun has actually no exact translation. In English, “Great Auk” means the grand pingouin, “auk” gift a generic term standing for every the alcidae. The petit pingouin is referred to as razorbill.

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