I don"t know, I simply felt like talking about the Chinese dub, i m sorry is the only one I"m minimal to. Is it appropriate to talk about it here? i m really sorry if it"s not. I don"t come right here often.The Chinese dub stays true come the Japanese one. Naught is edited and all opening and closing songs space the same; sang in Japanese and also with Chinese subtitles.The just thing one might need to comment on is voice acting. The voices are an extremely good, everyone has actually the perfect kind of voices. Okay, probably not all... And because this is Chinese language we"re talking about, you will never right here someone in the dub express the surname "Naruto" or "Sasuke". All the names are adjusted according to literate translations so that fit Chinese and Taiwanese people"s language. A couple of names room still pronounced the same, choose Kakashi and Iruka. Their surname is quiet pronounced the exact same way. Other characters, even Naruto, carry out not have actually their surname pronounced the same way. Why? Language Translation. Chinese language is not the exact same as Japanese and English, whereby they deserve to use and also pronounce the exact same sounds. So if you"re the sort of person who thinks that name an altering is bad, climate you far better stay far from the Chinese dub. The can"t be helped, culture is different after all.And one last thing, the collection in Taiwan and China is called Hokage rather of Naruto.I can go much more in depth v name changes and voices if girlfriend want, but I want to obtain approved an initial that it is fine come talk around it.

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Don"t worry around approval, i for one would certainly be interested to hear that
Tell united state more!!
and also have some rep.
Okay, since you"re interested...The only voice complaints I have actually is... Lee and Neji"s!!!!Rock Lee sounds like Mickey Mouse, and I"m not joking! Neji is the worst so far. His voice is choose that of one old woman through sore throat... It"s just painful to hear him talk... Some people have great voices. Naruto"s voice is just like his Japanese one. Sasuke"s voice isn"t very good... His voice is choose that of a young 10 year old boy, only a bit lower pitch, yet I soon got used to his "kiddy" voice. Sakura"s voice is really beautiful and well done. Kakashi"s voice is similar to his Japanese one. Gai sounds like Bruce Lee... And also it"s also funnier when he shouts or screams, that sounds choose a fat housewife screaming once sees a mouse.Orochimaru is... He has actually a kind of lizard-ish voice. Girlfriend know, with hiss and all... Yes, the hisses in the Chinese dub...Kidoumaru is there is no doubt the ideal voice I"ve ever before heard. His voice appears to suggests that that is a can be fried and powerful ruler, yet not that sort of demon-like voice. Very an excellent one indeed.Not much to say around others, because they"re just right. Ino is really high pitch. Chouji sounds much better than his Japanese one, for he has actually the form of voice every fat human being should have.
Now I"ll present you the pronounciation of some of the characters" names together they are pronounced in Chinese. I"m not gonna do all, due to the fact that it"ll take forever!Naruto --> MinrenSasuke --> ZuozuSakura --> InnShikamaru --> LoowanChouji --> DinxuIno --> JinyeiKiba --> YaShino --> ZinaiNeji --> NinxuTenten --> TientienGaara --> Wuo-Ai-RuoHaku --> BaiOrochimaru --> Da-Suh-WanTsunade --> Gangso (the A is short sound)Jirobou --> XilangfangKidoumaru --> GuaytongwanSakun --> ZuojinUkon --> YojinKimimaro --> JunmayenI"ll simply list these because that now, phone call me if you desire to understand more. The factors for several of this transforms can it is in explained. Inn way cherry blossom in Chinese, and also that"s specifically what Sakura means.Notice that both Sasuke and Sakon"s name start with Zuo. From what i know, Sa method "left", and also left is express "zuo" in Chinese.All names v Maru are adjusted in Wan in Chinese, hence explaining Shikamaru, Orochimaru, and also Kidoumaru"s Wan in your names. And Dah-Suh means large Snake, and also Orochi is an eight-headed line in Jap myth. Guaytong method Ghost Kid. Not sure what Ki means, but I recognize the Dou part method kid.If you experienced the part about Gaara"s past, his name method Love only Oneself. So his Chinese name kind of way I Love Myself. Ns don"t recognize what the Ruo part means though.Gangso means Iron Hand. Ns don"t know what Tsunade actually means, but it might mean something prefer that.I don"t know how they got Minren out of Naruto, yet it sounds much better if the Chinese room trying to pronounce Naruto in Chinese. Naruto in Chinese sounds choose "Take the deer"s head"...

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You certainly have mine approval. This is all very interesting.


Wo Ai Ruo, from Gaara"s name:Ruo = Ashura
(Actually, only a part of the original Japanese word, but it takes some an interpretation to it)The Ashura the loves only himself.

Wow. These room cool. Short article as plenty of as you can. Lol It"s neat to check out the names changed into Chinese. Ns wouldn"t desire to view it take place in the English version (lol, just think the what some would be), yet it"s yes in Chinese for part reason. +repEDIT: OMG i accidentally just an adverse repped you... I"m for this reason sorry. Everyone demands to rep him for me to gain those 2 eco-friendly bars back. :sad
Interesting! I view that the names in Chinese version space a literal translation that the Japanese"s kanji. Not very surprising, but nice.

Interesting! I watch that the name in Chinese version are a literal meaning translation the the Japanese"s kanji. Not really surprising, yet nice.
Japanese"s kanji space actually Chinese language. They are imported to Japan long time earlier since China was a powerful country at the time. The culture influence the China is large which almost influence the most asian countries.

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What type of pinyin are you using?I check out the Chinese manga too, so look listed below if you"re interested in full names:The an excellent Guys:(Uzumaki) Naruto - (Xuan Wo) Ming Ren(Haruno) Sakura - (Chun Ye) Ying (nickname: Xiao Ying)(Uchiha) Sasuke - (Yu Zhi Bo) Zuo Zhu(Hatake) Kakashi - (Qi Mu) Ka Ka XiRock (Lee) - (Li) Luo Ke (nickname: Xiao Li)(Hyuuga) Neji - (Ri Xiang) Ning CiTenten - Tian Tian(Maito) male - (Tie Xue) Kai(Nara) Shikamaru - (Nai Lan) Lu Wan(Akimichi) Chouji - (Qiu Dao) Ding Ci(Yamanaka) Ino - (Shan Zhong) Jing Ye(Sarutobi) Asuma - (Yuan Fei) A Si Ma(Aburame) Shino - (You Nu) Zhi Nai(Hyuuga) Hinata - (Ri Xiang) Chu Tian(Yuuhi) Kurenai - (Xi Ri) HongGaara - Wo Ai LuoKankurou - Kan Jiu LangTemari - Shuo JuBaki - Ma JiKonohamaru - Da Ye Wan(Hyuuga) Hanabi - (Ri Xiang) Hua Huo(Hyuuga) Hiashi - (Ri Xiang) Ri Zu(Hyuuga) Hizashi - (Ri Xiang) Ri ChaEbisu - Hui Bi Si(Umuino) Iruka - (Hai Ye) Yi Lu Ka(Morino) Ibiki - (Sen Nai) Yi Bi Xi(Mitarashi) Anko - (Yu Shou) Xian Hong Dou(Gekkou) Hayate - (Yue Guang) Ji Feng(Shiranui) Genma - (Bu Zhi Huo) Xuan JianYondaime Hokage - Di (Si) Dai Huo YingSho, Ni, San, Yon, walk - Yi, Er, San, Si, WuSarutobi - Yuan FeiJiraiya - Zi Lai YeTsunade - corridor Shou(Kaze, Mizu, Tsuchi, Rai) kage - (Feng, Shui, Tu, Lei) Ying
The bad Guys:Haku - Bai(Momochi) Zabuza - (Tao Di) Zai Bu ZhanDosu (Kinuta) - Du Si (Zhen)Zaku (Abumi) - Sa Ke (Deng)Kin (Tsuchi) - Jin (Tu)(Yakushi) Kabuto - (Yao Shi) DouJiroubou - Ci Lang FangTayuya - Duo girlfriend YeKidoumaru - Gui Lang WanSakon/Ukon - Zuo Jin/You JinKimimaro - Jun Ma Lu:Orochimaru - Da She WanAkatsuki - Shu(Uchiha) Itachi - (Yu Zhi Bo) You(Hoshigaki) Kisame - (Gan Shi) Gui Jiao
Kyuubi - Jiu WeiShukaku, Ichibi - Shou He, Dan WeiHidden town of - (___) Ying ChunLeaf - YeSand - ShaMist - WuCloud - YunRock - YanGrass - CaoRain - YuSound - YingWaterfall - Pu Bu
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It appears that someone knows much more than me.Again, allow me to speak this. Also though Naruto"s Chinese name is Ming Ren, the series title isn"t dubbed Ming Ren. Rather, this is exactly how the title is pronounced:Huo Ying Zen ZuhIt simply translates into Hokage Ninja. In short, the collection in Taiwan and China is called Hokage.
im ok with china and also other oriental countries translating name (my opinion vs the native asian) however damn if they had changed it right here in europe/US i would have actually sweared the there was no god =/but thankfully over there is something up over there =Dbut really interresting. Please go top top =D byt the method kakashi as ka ka xi =D minor readjust =P