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Just beginning to learn Italian? Well, you've obtained to start by finding out the simple Italian oath words. We've preserve 19 hilarious ones because that you to examine out!

The Italian world are well-known for sharing their passion with hand gestures, impressive food, and also music. However, lock are likewise known for having actually a couple of Italian swear words that are not only useful in plenty of situations, however they are also pretty funny.

Part of finding out a new language is gift able to communicate what you space feeling in your brand-new tongue—including the time you are frustrated. And also we're walk to help you v that today.

You can also feel free to inspect out ours other short articles recommending German oath words, Spanish swear words, and also French make an oath words.

‍But for now, right here are part Italian swear indigenous that will certainly not only help you once you’re angry yet will likewise often elicit a chuckle.

Like this cat...

19 Hysterical Italian oath Words that Will have You Laughing

1. Accidenti! – Crap!

This “nice” swear word is regularly an arrival to a slew of other Italian swear words. That a good place come start once you desire to express your irritation, but you don’t desire to do a production of it. However, it additionally translates come a literal meaning accident in your pants—which can take place in any type of culture.‍

2. Madonna! – Oh, mother!

“Madonna” might have a religious connotation, but in a Catholic country, it have the right to mean something fairly different. The Italians room liberal with their usage of Jesus’, Mary’s, and also many various other saints’ surname for their swear words. “Madonna” can additionally be modified in a number of ways to fit the society situation.‍

3. Cavalo! – Holy crap!

While this can mean merely “cabbage,” it can also add a little bit of sass to her vocabulary. It’s among the tamer methods to express any kind of amazement you might have if touring the expansive museum or obtaining a glimpse at the beautiful Sistine Chapel. Simply maybe speak it under her breath in ~ the Vatican.‍

4. Cazzo! – F*ck!

When you require a method to show any type of frustration you can be having actually with Italian buses, the length of your spaghetti, or recognize the right direction back to her hotel in Venice, this might be the ideal one come use. Think around using part super expressive hand motions for the right effect.‍

5. Che palle! – What balls!

We can see this as a backhanded compliment as English speakers, yet Italians watch this as a means to curse negative weather or when an occasion happens to you the you room not happy with. It deserve to be provided for a variety of different occasions, but make certain to shot and to speak it when children aren’t around.‍

6. Leccaculo! – Kissass!

This Italian make an oath word, however, is provided by youngsters much that the time. It have the right to vary from being harmless come downright nasty relying on the situation and who is saying it. Simply know the being the teacher’s pet has tendency to acquire you in problem in Italian culture too. Speak “lecca, lecca” for short.‍

7. Porca miseria! - Dammit!

Do pigs live in poverty? Granted, this doesn’t make much sense to us as English speakers, but it deserve to be a good way to express anger in ~ stubbing your toe or dealing with traffic. A milder oath word, you most likely won’t get numerous glances native strangers if you select to usage it in windy or after having actually a glass of alcohol or two.‍

8. Stronzo/a! – Asshole!

Be careful when making use of this word! the will significantly offend some Italians and also it could not be the ideal one to use once you’re do the efforts to satisfy some brand-new friends. Make sure that you change the ending (-o because that masculine, -a for feminine) depending on which gender you want to use and who you want to insult.‍

9. Minchia! – Shit!

Another surname for a masculine body component in Sicily, you’ll discover this indigenous often spoken on the street. For best emphasis, take into consideration drawing it out. The longer you select to draw out the vowels, the much more likely you room to gain your allude across.‍

10. Figlio di puttana! – Son of a bitch!

You can want come think twice prior to you select to insult someone’s mother in Italian. However, if you’ve yes, really met someone you dislike, climate this can make that human being ready because that the fight of a lifetime. Also, you could want to consider a few other alternatives like, “Figlio di troia!” or “Figlio un cane!”‍

11. Mangia merde e morte! – Eat shit and also die!

This one have the right to seem particularly harsh, yet the fact is the it’s not an insult versus someone’s mother. Still, this have the right to start a fight if used with too much emphasis. Also, take care when utilizing hand gestures in Italy—that can practically be an ext insulting than the actual swear word.‍

12. Mortacci tua! – Your feeble ancestors!

In a culture where so much is based upon history, it would certainly make sense that family tree plays a huge part in how you insult someone. You’ll regularly hear this from one region of Italy making fun of another. Anyway, it’s enough to make her ancestors role over in their tombs when lock hear you speak it.‍

13. A fanabla! – Go to hell!

You can’t go wrong v this classic. Just like Dante, you’ll desire to prevent spending part time in depth of hell—Italians frequently reference it. The Madonna, Jesus, and also the saints all have actually their names taken in vain in Italy. However, no one really seems to care and also they work as few of the best ways to talk about how frustrated you are.‍

14. Merda! – Shit!

How substantial of a list of oath words can this be there is no some method to say “shit”? You’ll uncover this word scrawled in graffiti anywhere Italian cities, and it’s a quick way to display how upset you space trying to letter a postcard at the Italian short article office. Simple is sometimes the best, and this indigenous can help you the end in a number of ways.

15. Porca vacca! – Holy cow!

Which actually translates to “pig cow” deserve to be used in order come express surprise. It can not make much sense native a logical viewpoint, that can also be the perfect expression in order to let civilization know exactly how you are feeling without offending anyone. I beg your pardon can always be complicated using other swear indigenous in Italian!‍

16. Cornuto! – Cuckhold!

A swear indigenous that has stuck around for numerous years, it have the right to still cause a lot of troubles if you use it in the dorn context. Only use this humiliation if you really arrangement on hurting someone—and intend to obtain a the majority of anger back. Unless you’re down for a fight, you can want come think it rather than to speak it.‍

17. Bastardo! – Bastard!

If you plan on violation a girlfriend in a kind method (if you deserve to do that), climate this is the one you should use. When you could not want to humiliation friends on a constant basis because you could not have actually many more friends afterward, the a rather nice method to allow someone understand that girlfriend think the them together loveable.‍

18. Incazzato! – I’m pissed!

This translate in literally way that “I to be enraged.” You’ll uncover this word largely used in the Tuscan areas. Prior to you pick to turn to stronger swear word, then you might want come let people know just how upset girlfriend are. Friend might notice that it comes from the word “cazzo,” which additionally has a lot stronger meaning.‍

19. Vaffanculo! – Go f*ck yourself! (NSFW)

Along with some accompanying hand gestures, you’re likely to really make someone angry as soon as using this expression. It can be the one you room most likely to hear external of Italy, and it’s also one of the dirtiest and also the nastiest. However, there is a time and also place for this word—just make sure you are choosing to usage it at the ideal moment.

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We hope the these Italian make an oath words have made you laugh and also can aid you navigate part frustrating Italian moments.

Now inspect out this video sharing some an ext Italian swear words for you to know (not use of course) :)