What is increase with men calling girl crazy? much more importantly, what is the best way to respond once a guy calls friend crazy?

The following post discusses this and why her responses will work, therefore keep analysis to uncover out!

When a male calls you crazy, the very first thing you need to find out is just how the male intended it. To be he joking around, or walk he to speak it as an insult?

Once you develop this, think around the type of partnership you have. Is it someone you prefer or love, or is that a friend?Do her feelings readjust when it is a man you aren’t interested in?

Once you have these answers, you have the right to move on to select any type of of this 15 responses for once a guy calls girlfriend crazy:

Responses when someone you choose or love calls you crazy

If a man you prefer or love calls friend crazy- for example, a like or a lover- you have the choice of making your comebacks fun and flirty. This way, he knows the you are a an excellent sport and also you have the right to take a joke.Pick any type of of these 5 choices on how to respond once a male calls friend crazy once you prefer or love him:

01“Baby, I’m crazy around you!”This is a simple, flirty response that you have to only use when you room sure the guy has actually a thing for you. It is the perfect balance the flirty and also cheesy the will provide you 2 a big laugh.Just be careful when using this if you haven’t expressed her feelings come the person due to the fact that it has actually the potential to come off as weird. It have the right to even ruin your chances of gift taken serious by him.

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02“Well, ns guess you should’ve read the good print!”You can use this witty response when your lover calls girlfriend crazy.It basically means that that is part of the package and you’ve been crazy since the work he met you, so he shouldn’t yes, really be surprised.
03“I can get even crazier *wink wink*”Do this if winking to do the an answer flirty. This is good to use once you desire to point to doing something sexual.Just don’t it is in weird around it or rather he’ll bust out laughing. But even if he does, we deserve to count that as a victory too!
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04“I assumption: v that’s an additional thing we have in common!”Use this come say “right ago at ya!”In various other words, you room saying he is simply as crazy together you and also maybe that’s why you two make or would certainly make the perfect couple!
05“You’re the one that made me this way!”Use this jokingly when you desire to say he’s driving friend crazy through the points he does, so he have to blame himself for anything that comes next.

Best responses once a man who you room not interested in calls friend crazy

If you room not interested in the guy who dubbed you stunner or if friend take offense to it, you might not be so inclined to joke around with them.It just isn’t appropriate and also your an answer should hint in ~ the reality that you don’t choose it, for this reason he should back off.Or, you can use your solution to scare him off. This way, he won’t try to pursue you and also will lose interest.Here are 3 methods to respond once a male calls friend crazy and you’re no feeling him:

06“Exactly, therefore imagine what I’d do to you in your sleep.”Just imagine just how you’d feeling if someone said this to you. Creepy, right?That’s precisely why it’s the perfect response to scare any type of unwanted males off. The just drawback is that he might actually go about telling rather you’re actually crazy however a success is a win, right?
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07“Yeah, fine being stunner is far better than gift a tool!”A tool in this sense describes a male who is too many cocky or has a large ego that makes him seem choose a total douchebag to others.Plus, he thinks he’s method smarter, hotter, or more likable than he yes, really is. Telling him off choose that will certainly bruise his ego and will hopefully make him take it down a couple of notches.It is a great idea since humbling the will likely be embarrassing for him and he won’t desire to speak to you again.

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08“And you are?Say this in a feisty tone.It is good to say as soon as you want to do it clear that he isn’t important enough for girlfriend to know his name and also you aren’t interested in him.He’ll go to run in the other direction through his tail in between his legs. Great riddance!

How to respond as soon as a guy calls girlfriend crazy as soon as they are a friend

When a man friend calls girlfriend crazy, regularly he’s just fooling around, and also based ~ above your solution you two can have a great laugh.You’ve obtained to discover something witty that functions well in the situation and of food won’t do him feel offended.What around these ways of exactly how to respond once a man calls girlfriend crazy? If you usage these, he’s going under for sure!

09“Awesome! ns was doing a cosplay of you- ns guess that worked.”In simpler terms, you were just mimicking him, for this reason that method he’s in reality the crazy one!Use this if you guys are into anime or rather he most likely won’t acquire what that means.
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10“Hey, you’ve acquired to it is in odd to be number one!”This is a yes, really big-brain, high-IQ response, so all set for the to it is in amazed and also to burst right into laughter!Remember the the numeral one is an odd number and that “crazy people” are viewed as off members the society.When he records on, the two of friend will have actually a hearty laugh and also he most likely won’t be able to come up v anything to peak that.

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11“It’s a side impact of being awesome. Girlfriend wouldn’t obtain it.” *shrug*When you use this, you room basically speak you space awesome and he is not, for this reason he couldn’t possibly relate.It’s an excellent to use as soon as you want to be positive about what that said and also want to present that friend didn’t take offense to it since people room super perceptible these days.
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12“Yeah, but at least I’m no you…”This an answer will absolutely make him stop for a 2nd and try to procedure what simply happened.He’ll begin to wonder what’s wrong through him and also you deserve to use that time to laugh at her dumbstruck friend.
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13“Your mom didn’t seem come think the last night!”This is a standard ‘your momma’ joke but only use this if you men are close and have joked choose this in the past.We wouldn’t desire him to take it the not correct way. You 2 will likely finish up laughing around it and also he might hit friend with one of his best ‘your momma’ jokes as well.

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Now you know how to respond once a guy calls friend crazy, friend won’t be stuck there awkwardly giggling or confused as to how come respond.If the guy is making use of “you’re crazy” together an insult, you have the right to still use these responses to present him you’re unfazed without resorting to anger.Either way, you’ll acquire a laugh out of it and it won’t ruin your mood.

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