If changing your oil is a vital evil, then the "change your oil" warning in her F-150 is a vital annoyance. Luckily, turning it turn off is much easier (and cleaner) than actually law the deed.

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This article uses to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and also F-250, F-350 super Duty (2005-2014).

The small light on your dash is telling you the your oil is at a an extremely low percent of useful life, but you just changed it. What carry out you execute now? Resetting the oil change light in one F-150 or one F-250 at sight Duty is a simple task that have the right to be done in a issue of seconds. The is an extremely important the you reset the irradiate at the moment of the oil change; forgetting to perform so will result in premature birth "oil adjust required" message in the future.

As quickly as the oil readjust indicator light transforms on, you need to decide if you space going to change the oil yourself and reset the light, or if you will have actually a skilled do the job.


Materials NeededIgnition key

If you can readjust the oil yourself, friend can absolutely reset the oil light. You only need to have actually your ignition an essential to execute this an easy task. When is is necessary to reset the oil light with every change, that is equally as crucial to not reset this irradiate if you have actually not readjusted the oil. The Ford oil monitoring device is based on an algorithm the is offered to extend the frequency the oil changes; the is not based on an oil problem detection device within the motor. If girlfriend reset the light just to prolong your oil adjust interval, you can be leading to irreprable damages to your engine and also possibly voiding her warranty.

Step 1 - Insert key into ignition

Turn the ignition to the "on" position, yet do not begin the engine.

Step 2 - access the Setup Menu

For 2004-2010 Ford trucks:

Press and also hold the Select/Release knob on her dashboard till the display reads “OIL LIFE XXX% organize RESET = NEW”.

For 2011+ Ford trucks:

Use the directional pad on the steering wheel to access the setups menu.

Figure 1. Press in and hold the select/reset nub ~ above the appropriate until you gain to this screen.
Figure 2. Access the settings menu using the arrows on her steering wheel.

Step 3 - push the "reset" button

For 2004-2010 Ford trucks:

Press and also hold the reset button for approximately two seconds and also release to reset the oil life come 100%.

For 2011+ Ford trucks:

The food selection path to reset your oil life is as follows: Settings>Vehicle>Oil Life Reset

From there, friend can set the oil life to whatever percentage friend choose.

Figure 3. Keep the button depressed come cycle with the various oil life percentages. Release the button when oil life is set to 100%
Figure 4. Set to 100% after transforming oil.

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Step 4 - rotate off the ignition

Turn turn off the ignition and also then restart the engine come verify the the oil life indicator has been reset come 100%.