What’s up, Mopar fam? i’m in a evade Durango, and also I’m walking to present you just how to reset the oil life or oil adjust light. Okay, now after her oil readjust is done, this automobile does have actually an oil readjust service reminder that demands to it is in reset top top this certain vehicle.

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The oil life systems room sophisticated, much an ext than you would certainly probably give it credit transaction for. I prefer these systems since it takes into account everything. This is a rapid note, though. This post will continue to display once you begin the vehicle unless reset. Therefore come on, let’s take a walk down there, and also I’ll display you to execute it.

Dodge Durango Oil Life/Oil change Light Reset GuideGas Pedal method (2007-2020)Steering Control method (2015-2021)

Dodge Durango Oil Life/Oil readjust Light Reset Guide

For your info, this operation occupational for the 2nd and third generations of the dodge Durango (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 design years).

Gas Pedal technique (2007-2020)

Alright, we’re in a 2010 dodge Durango and I’m going to be reflecting you guys just how do girlfriend reset the oil change light. So here we go.

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Turn the ignition move to the operation positionIf your vehicle has one ignition switch you fight the START switch two time to gain into the operation mode but don’t press on the brake cause then you’ll begin the carDepress the GAS PEDAL three timesAfter you perform that you just want to step on the GAS pedal 3 times every the way down in ~ ten seconds and it’ll reset the oil readjust reminderRelease the pedalLet the go and also now you have the right to turn off the ignition and also then start the engine come verify the indicator has actually been reset

Steering Control an approach (2015-2021)

For the newer model (2015-2021), the oil life device can also be reset as follows:
Stick the crucial in and also turn it come the RUN position Then usage the ▼ switch on the steering and then you simply want to role down until you get to VEHICLE INFO or the small car icon

Next ~ you acquire there you simply want to walk ► right and scroll through until we acquire to the OIL LIFEFinally, organize down the OK button until the “Oil Life” display transforms to 100 percent
So that’s how we reset the on the evade Durango. If you desire to talk to me about anything, placed them in the comments. Ok be more than happy to speak to anybody about anything. Together always, thanks for reading, and also see you in ~ the next one.

When resetting the “Change oil” light, just how does the computer know if traditional or fabricated was used? go the mechanic have a way of acknowledging this and also inputting?

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