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Replacing a damaged Trimmer Rope

It never ever fails: simply as friend are around to tackle some yard job-related on a Saturday morning, the traction cord on her Stihl trimmer breaks. Currently you're grounding replacing a pull cord rope, including another hour to your yard work and losing one hour of your day off. Exactly how are you claimed to be safe on the weekend if you're constantly fixing your tools? It's my hope the these basic to follow instructions will acquire your Stihl trimmer up and also running quickly, so friend can get busy relaxing.

If you're working on a Stilh km 56 RC trimmer, you're in luck since that is the machine I will certainly be functioning on in this article.

One tool you will need, above all others, is a plug socket tool through a torx little on the other end. This device should have come with your Stilh km 56 RC trimmer when you to buy it. If friend don't have one, to buy one. It's precious its load in gold. You will additionally need a brand-new pull cord. I've noted links to both the torx bit and also the traction cord below.

Tools You have to Replace a Stihl Trimmer traction Cord


Magnet, snap ring pliers, large and small needle-nose pliers, and also a Stihl torx/plug socket.

Eddie Carrara

Steps to change a pull Cord top top a Trimmer

Here is an outline of the steps you will need to follow in order to change your pull cord. Photos and much more detailed steps deserve to be discovered below.

Remove the end cover.Remove the snap ring.Disassemble the unit into two pieces.Remove the coil indigenous the shaft.Hold the feather in ar after removed the coil.Remove the broken piece the rope.Clean the end debris on the cover.Measure out a brand-new piece the rope.Thread the new rope right into the coil assembly.Tie a little knot at the finish of the rope and also pull it into the coil pocket.Wind the traction cord rope about the coil.Reinstall the coil right into the housing.Turn the coil two changes clockwise to add tension.Thread the rope v the feet in the end cover.Install the handle.Reinstall the end cover.

1. Remove the end cover. This will home the complete pull cord rope assembly.


Eddie Carrara

2. Remove the snap ring the holds the pull cord rope assembly on the shaft.


Eddie Carrara

3. An alert how the unit splits in 2 pieces. Also, notice how and also where the spring is located.


Eddie Carrara

4. Use a pair the needle-nose pliers to remove the coil unit native the shaft. Pull upwards to easily remove it from the shaft.


Eddie Carrara

5. When removed, organize the feather in ar with your ignorance to avoid it from falling out.

Eddie Carrara

6. Eliminate the broken piece the rope indigenous the coil unit.

Eddie Carrara

7. Clean out debris on the cover.

Eddie Carrara

8. Measure out a new piece the rope making use of the damaged piece, adding a couple of inches in situation of error. Melt the finish with a lighter to do threading easier.

Eddie Carrara

9. Object the brand-new piece of rope into the coil assembly.

Eddie Carrara

10. Tie a small knot at the finish of the rope and pull it into the coil pocket.

Eddie Carrara

11. Wind the pull cord rope roughly the coil, using a item of scotch ice cream to organize the rope in the groove.

Eddie Carrara

12. Reinstall the coil into the housing, rotate it slowly until that drops right into place. Do not force the coil, or friend may damages the spring.

Eddie Carrara

13. Turn the coil two changes counterclockwise to add tension come the return spring.

Eddie Carrara

14. Hold the coil in ar while girlfriend thread the rope through the hole in the finish cover. Usage a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Eddie Carrara

15. Install the handle while holding onto the rope.

Eddie Carrara

16. Reinstall the covering on the trimmer unit. You are finished!

Eddie Carrara

Put her Stihl Trimmer back to Work

Now gain to work and trim her heart out! If girlfriend have any kind of questions about the installation, let me know by leaving a question or comment in the box below.

This write-up is accurate and also true come the finest of the author’s knowledge. Contents is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does no substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technological matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: just how do i wind the bottom spring of mine trimmer?

Answer: See step 13 from my article. Turn the coil two changes counterclockwise to include tension come the return spring.

Question: mine string acquired hot and also melted after the second replacement. How long need to the cable be? do you recognize if I have to use the 3 or 4mm Stihl string? The 4mm string it s okay lodged under the housing for the recoil spring.

Answer: The string length should be around 2' 6''. Ns recommend using the 3mm string and also do not overfill the spool.


Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on might 30, 2020:

Hi Mike,

I recommend you wrap it roughly the coil until it virtually full and also it deserve to be set up easily. Ns don't recognize the actual length. I hope this helps.

Mike T on might 28, 2020:

Hi - mine old rope is history and I perform not know just how long that was. Is there some method to tell just how long a cord I need for mine trimmer?

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on may 04, 2020:

Hi Jim,

Did this help?

Jim Courtright on may 01, 2020:

I didn't know around the bottom coil spring,just the height one!!??

top top July 25, 2019:

When I gotten rid of the coil unit action 4 the bottom spring on the coil unit

sprung out and how perform i rewind and replace it.

I see where one end of the spring goes in the coil unit yet is the other

end left cost-free until the coil unit is reinstalled???

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire ~ above June 12, 2019:

Hi CJC-9 23,

The cord may have been as well short and also you jammed the mechanism. Ns recommend you remove the cover and inspect it.

CJG-9 23 ~ above June 10, 2019:

I’ve replaced my pull cord and also it worked for a while but this time i pulled it out and also would no rewind ( stayed out), what walk I carry out wrong?

Glen on march 28, 2019:

Excellent! do it easy for me. Give thanks to you.

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on February 25, 2019:

You're welcome Ricky, many thanks for the feedback, great too recognize :)

Ricky Gilbert top top February 25, 2019:

This description was the many accurate and also helpful of countless I looked at on YouTube. Thank YOU!!

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on June 11, 2018:

Hi Lee,

No, ns don't understand the size, however if you call a tiny engine fix shop I'm certain they'll have actually it in their books.

lee kulberda on June 09, 2018:

Hi Eddie

I've shed the bolts to the earlier cover ~ above my kilometres 56 RC. Do you take place to know the sizes because that them?


Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire top top April 30, 2018:

Hi Karen,

I'm so happy you discovered my my information useful, and I really appreciate you taking the time to compose a comment, friend made my day :)

Karen on April 28, 2018:

After hours of watching videos make the efforts to resolve my pull cord I uncovered your video, its excellent an excellent pictures and also explanations so easy to follow for an old dear like me, thank you.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire top top February 06, 2018:

Thanks for the feedback Virgil :)

Virgil Smith ~ above February 03, 2018:

Replaced rope on pole pruner. It has the precise same recoil mechanism. Had to use tweezers rather than needle nose. A very small needle sleep would most likely work. Have your mam thread the cord with the handle at the end. It's tough to save the stress and anxiety on the spring and thread the cord at the exact same time! Thanks, an excellent pictures and also explanation!

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire ~ above October 31, 2017:

Hi Kenneth,

Not really, I just needed to resolve my device so ns took images along the method and created a step by action tutorial :) many thanks for the feedback, i really evaluate it.

Kenneth C Agudo indigenous Tiwi, Philippines on October 25, 2017:

Wow. Really clear and easy to follow. Surely, girlfriend are experienced with this one. Thanks

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire top top October 24, 2016:

I Agree 100% Jack, around the political leaders lol.

Jack on October 23, 2016:

Very pretty article! If just our political leaders were this clear and also efficient. Many thanks for the help.....

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on respectable 22, 2016:

Hey Scott,

We all lean by trial and error, ns struggled v mine and then composed the article and also took images just to assist others v the same issue. Her feed ago is an extremely important, so many thanks for taking the moment to comment :)

Scott on respectable 21, 2016:

Thanks eddiecarrara, very an excellent article, i wish i would have actually read the first. Favor Chris D and Rolf, mine bottom feather popped off. I should have actually been an ext careful removing the spool. After ~ rewinding and also installing, the inside coil wasn't tight sufficient to connect in the within recess whereby it demands to hook for recoil, so I most likely need come buy a brand-new rotor v rewind feather as described above. Thanks men for the part number!

Rolf von Andrian on may 26, 2016:


See more: How To Reset Bulb Warning Light On Vw Jetta ? : Volkswagen Resetting The Bulb Out Warning Light

I had the same trouble together ChrisD v the underside feather popped out. The cheat is to placed the spring earlier in to the casing the other means around as it is bend once is lays tensionless on the table. If you inspect the link above you have the right to see how it should look like at climate end.

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire top top February 21, 2016:

Good information Chris, and thanks for taking the moment to re-publishing it. It's world like friend who save this page going since there are so numerous problems you have the right to run right into when an altering the pull cord, i only can share what I proficient when transforming out my traction cord, I'm certain the info you common will assist many :)