If the failure winding starts as soon as the subject is no passed v the pre-tension disk correctly, the thread may come to be tangled in ~ the bobbin winder seat.

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Wind off the thread follow to the adhering to procedure.


(1) Thread

(2) failure winder seat

execute not remove the bobbin winder seat also if the thread become tangled under the bobbin winder seat. That may result in injuries. execute not eliminate the screw ~ above the bobbin winder overview post, otherwise the maker may be damaged; you cannot wind off the object by removing the screw.
(1) Screw the the fail winder overview post

If the thread come to be tangled under the fail winder seat, press"Start/Stop" button once to stop the bobbin winding.

reduced the thread v scissors next to the bobbin-winding object guide.

(1)Bobbin-winding object guide

slide the bobbin winder column to the left, and also then remove the bobbin indigenous the shaft and also cut the thread resulting in the bobbin in stimulate to be able to completely remove the bobbin native shaft.


cut the thread near the bobbin and hold the thread end of the spool with your left hand. Unwind the subject clockwise near the bobbin winder seat with your right hand as presented below.


Wind the failure again.

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