Through the years, we have had actually our re-publishing of chewing gum mishaps here in the Hill House. Needless to say, this short article is how to eliminate chewing gum from fabric. Sigh.

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Yes, this is a photo of chewing gum on the curtain in the girls’ room. A certain 4-year-old provided a piece of chewing gum come a certain 2-year-old throughout naptime on Sunday afternoon. Clear there was no nap acquisition place.


The result? A gum spanned toddler and several clues of gum top top the curtain.

Gum + a toddler = unhappy Mama

With a bit of trial and also error, I figured out how to remove the gum from this collection of thin curtains. 

Yes, sheers, which us all know is just one of the most delicate fabrics ever. Sigh.


How to eliminate Gum indigenous Fabric

When removed gum, the goal is to store it in one piece. That harder to remove if friend tear it off of the fabric bit by bit.

First shot to scrape off the gum from the fabric with simply a knife.

1.) place the towel on a difficult surface, such together a table.

2.) utilizing a spicy knife or razor tongue scraper, gently traction up the leaf of the gum. 

Work slowly and methodically come pry it from the fabric.

If you’re can not to eliminate the gum with just a sharp knife, shot the Ice fill Method.

The ice cream Pack an approach for removing Gum from Fabric

Some chewing gum is very sticky, which provides it quite difficult to remove in one piece. In this case, you’ll should make the gum together cold as possible. 

Grab 2 ice packs from the freezer and location one ice load on each side the the fabric

So in mine case, I placed an ice pack on the earlier of the fabric and also on the prior of the fabric.


Wait 10 or 15 minutes because that the ice pack to harden the gum.

Then, taking your spicy gum-scraping implement, effort to pry the entire piece of gum native the fabric.

Be extremely mindful not come poke a feet in the fabric!  this sheers are quite delicate, therefore I had to take my time and also not rush.


When utilizing the ice fill trick, try to usage the flattest ice load possible. This technique is quite effective if you place hefty packs against the gum and totally surround it through cold.

If you don’t have actually ice package available, use flat pieces of ice cream to harden the gum. Both ice and ice packs occupational equally well, however, ice cream packs are much easier to clean up and don’t make the cloth wet.

More ways to remove Gum

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I would take into consideration these alternatives to it is in last resort options. The complying with suggestions could successfully remove the gum ~ above the fabric, but they can potentially leave a grease stain together a result

Implement these at your own risk!

Goo GoneGoo Gone is a great product in ~ removing gum from a surface, especially that supervisor sticky kind of gum. Saturation the area of gum on the fabric and also let that sit a couple of minutes. Make certain both political parties of the fabric are saturated v the solution. 

Using the same technique above, try to pry the gum native the fabric.

Once friend have successfully removed the gum, wash the item as you normally would. Hang the item come dry. Make certain there is no a grease point out on the fabric before you placed it in the dryer. As you know by now, heat sets stains in permanently.

Use cooking oilIt’s tough for me to also suggest using cooking oil – this should be her last ditch effort! the will leave a grease stain, without a doubt. 

Rub a liberal quantity of cooking oil (vegetable, canola, olive – every little thing the cheapest oil is in your pantry) on height of the gum and also on the earlier side that the fabric. 

Allow it to sit 10 minutes or so and again, try to pry increase the entirety piece the gum.

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If you usage either the the over methods and also you have a result grease stain, try using the Blue Dawn an approach for remove grease stains. Again, make sure that girlfriend hang dry the garment come ensure the stain has been gotten rid of to your liking

It might take number of trips v the to wash to get rid of the greasy clues – however it have the right to be done!

Like most stain removal, getting chewing gum out of fabric takes patience and time. Both of i m sorry are hard for many of us to come by. 

Aside from this mentioned, do friend have any gum remove tricks? Do have a an excellent chewing gum story? Share in the comment below!


Taylor at family Management 101 claims

May 2, 2011 in ~ 10:47 am

These room some an excellent tips! I would say, however, that Goo gone is not necessarily a last resort option, at least for washable clothing. It can leave a mark if you need to use that on carpet or other locations where girlfriend can’t wash it away, yet I recently used it when a item of gum obtained washed v clothes and melted in the dryer. That washes out v extra detergent, and also an extra wash, therefore doesn’t seem to make long-term grease stains. (I told my story, with some photos at the attach of my name in situation anyone is interested, since I know this problem happens to lots of people!)


I to be going to placed your methods to occupational on the stunner putty the my 3-year old controlled to gain on 3 posts of clothing and also two carpets in 2 minutes flat while I remained in the bathroom! many thanks for the tips, despite I’m very sorry I’m recognize them so practical.

mamalaundry claims

May 5, 2011 in ~ 3:14 pm

Oh stunner Putty… that is officially banned at our residence for similar reasons! Doesn’t the seem like all of the “bad” things happen in the 2 minutes of restroom time?? I can relate