soccer backplates have become increasingly renowned over the years. As quarterback’s frequently elect come wear rib pads, skill players (wide receivers and also running backs) often wear the an ext stylish backplate.

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Football backplates room attached to the back half of the shoulder pads. They assistance the lower spine and also decrease the lot of affect on the lower back region.

Backplates are great for protection, however they have end up being a fashion statement for players end the years. They allow them come showcase your creativity, together players have actually customized their look with different decals.

Let’s take it a closer look in ~ the backplate and also what that does.

Protecting The reduced Back


layers often wear backplates come protect versus any reduced spine hits. Broad receivers room in the many danger for lower earlier hits. Anytime they run a slant, square-in, hitch, or comeback route, they’re exposing your lower ago and spine come the defender.

Because of the recent targeting rules and also penalties, players are much more likely to protect against the high hits and aim for the lower back or legs. Soccer backplates will aid reduce the influence on the lower back.

Football ago pads, choose rib pads, room not a compelled piece of tools like shoulder pads are. Players may opt come wear castle if they feeling it’s necessary.

Although lower ago hits space not as typical as reduced abdomen hits, players elect to undertake backplates instead of rib pads – mainly because rib pads aren’t together restrictive.

Back plate Style

Players started to undertake backplates together fashion statements. The square classic backplate (often un-branded) was watched hanging the end of the shirt of ability players.

With the recent development of Battle, players are an ext apt to wear a crescent-shaped earlier pad to do a fashion declare – similar to exactly how players sport Nike total & socks. Pair the back pad v armbands, a towel, eight sleeve, flashy cleats, and a speedy running ago – now that’s intimidation!

Like just how players wore stick-on eye black with letters and also numbers top top them, it wasn’t to store the sun or light out of your eyes, but for a fashion statement.


The layout of the backplate hanging out of jersey has come to be illegal in most leagues. NCAA rules pressure players to tuck in their jerseys, eventually forcing the backplate to be hidden. This is a ascendancy mandated by all referees, and they may even remove a player from the ar of play until they tuck your shirt in.

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Best Football earlier Plates

We’ve liked the ideal football earlier plates to defend your lower ago based on a few metrics. Protection, price, and also style to be the 3 categories that got in our list.

Protection is, the course, in ~ the top. Having a well-put-together backplate that will certainly last girlfriend the entire season is crucial.

We’re constantly conscious the the pricing, as these item can acquire pricey. Last having actually a stylish backplate that you’re happy to show off and proud to rep the brand.

Here space the finest football backplates to assist you protect your back.

Learn more about this backplates below.

Battle back Plate


Our very first backplate is the sexty one ~ above the sector right now. As a brand and also leader in equipment, fight has sturdy backplates that look stylish and can retain impact to last a whole season.

The backplates at this time come in gold, black and white colors. The pricing falls right in line through the other backplates ~ above the industry of $29-$40.

Battle has also released a heat of customary backplates to make you stand the end from every various other player.

Here are our peak picks:

Buy The battle Clown BackPlate here On Amazon

Buy The fight Nightmare BackPlate right here On Amazon

Buy The battle Caution tape BackPlate below On Amazon

Shock physician BackPlate


Shock Doctor, a brand-new player in the backplate space, recognized for their mouth guards, has joined the back protection industry.

Their backplates are good for both style and also protecting the lower ago from high impact.

Designed specifically for football, the protects the lower back, kidneys, and also spine. It will NOT limit your movement, speed, or mobility. Slightly curved pad come fit the back

Universal fit because that athletes of every sizes, this backplate is good for players just getting introduced to the backplate game.

Schutt ago Plate


Schutt backplates room popular due to the fact that they often tend to enhance Schutt helmets and also other pieces of equipment. The Schutt backplate is a great pick since not just will its product keep her lower ago protected, the will regularly last the whole season.

Ventilated native high-density EVA and breathable fabrics, this backplate protects the entire lower back.-

Fits every varsity Schutt shoulder pads and most competitor’s shoulder pads.

EvoShield back Plate


EvoShield backplates are known for your popularity in the youth football space. Your stylish “shield” architecture helps defend youth athletes indigenous lower ago hits.

Attaches to most standard shoulder pads—great starter alternative for everyone looking to save some money and still have actually a stylish backplate.

Riddell Gray ago Plate


Riddell backplates space made by a well-known football devices company. The price suggest sits best at $20, which is quite inexpensive.

Riddell is famous manufacture that often makes high-quality equipment. Intend no distinction from this backplate, as they are continual with their manufacturing of all their backplates – no different from their backplate. This is a reputable backplate that can be used for the an initial time or skilled backplate wearers.

Related Questions

What location Wear Football earlier Plates?

Any position have the right to wear a backplate. Generally ball carriers or receivers sports backplates; however, any play who desires to protect the reduced spine deserve to wear a ago pad.

It’s not a forced piece the equipment yet rather a piece of deluxe a player may add to protect themselves.

How carry out I affix A Football earlier Plate To mine Shoulder Pads?

Football backplates are often attached via screws directly into the shoulder pads. Also, players can use zip ties to secure the backplate in place – however, zip ties might break throughout the game.

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We recommend buying the screws native the manufacture if you lose the screws that generally come standard v each purchase.

What’s her favorite backplate? Does her league allow you to have actually it hanging out throughout games? let us know in the comments!