My parents very first met in 1994 in ~ the brand-new Orleans Jazzfest, i beg your pardon basically means that new Orleans beignets space my birthright. I likewise had the an excellent fortune of gift paired with a roommate that was born and also bred in new Orleans, and also she was certain to teach me specifically how to express "beignet," because I apparently have been saying it wrong for a while. 

But what good is knowing exactly how to pronounce "beignet" if I"d never actually had actually one? i was #blessed come finally try my an initial one last month. It to be fresh the end of the fryer, hot, and delicious, yet being the it to be from san Jose and also not NOLA, we might not count it as a real beignet.

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What"s a Beignet, Anyway?


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A beignet is a dessert connected with brand-new Orleans, Louisiana. It"s traditionally make of a light pastry dough dubbed choux the you can be familiar with thanks to the beignet"s nearby cousins, the éclair and the cream puff. It’s very delicate and also requires careful preparation. Instead of climbing in one oven, beignets puff increase from being deep-fried in vegetable oil (or lard in the 1800s, but more on that later) and also doused through powdered sugar to produce a fluffy, airy treat

While the name is certainly French—translating roughly to "fritter" in English—the pastry itself can be traced back to several various cultures. If you’re yes, really curious, examine out The root of Rhythm, in which food chronicler Cathy Kaufman writes at greater length about the pastry"s middle ages roots. The word “beignet” was an initial written in 1314 in the French book of verse, Roman de Fauvel, in a perform of pastries. Despite at the time it to be spelled “bignez,” it’s definitely recognizable as the exact same food.

Many various other cuisines have similar treats to the beignet, such as Spanish buelos, Jewish bimuelos, Halal luquam, American doughnuts, and also most oddly, French pets de sœurs, which about translates to “nun"s farts.”

Where to obtain Beignets


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Of all the various cuisines in i beg your pardon the dessert appears, the most renowned location to obtain a beignet is brand-new Orleans. People flock to one certain destination to reap a fresh, sugar-doused beignet alongside a coffee and chicory au lait, Cafe Du Monde.

In the good city of brand-new Orleans, just off that Jackson Square, stand the initial Cafe du Monde. Open 24 hrs a day, 7 work a week, they serve piping hot beignets come hungry tourists. The 150-year-old coffee shop is lauded an international as the go-to beignet spot. Part locals will snootily tell you it’s not the best, yet my new Orleans-raised roommate offers it a huge nod.

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How to express Beignet 

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Lucky because that you, the pronunciation is hardly controversial. Due to the fact that the term is traditionally French, the correct way to speak it is merely “BEN-yay.” Don"t worry if friend mispronounce it while ordering, your server will certainly know precisely what you want. 

Once you"ve mastered exactly how to express beignet, learn just how to say “dix beignets s"il vous plait,” and then start looking at flights to The large Easy ASAP.