Notes On one Alto Sax – G flat F sharp.

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How come Play F spicy on the Alto Saxophone.

How come Play G level on the Alto Saxophone.

Hello and also welcome come this collection of note On Alto Saxophone.

In this lesson for Beginner Saxophone Notes, we are going come learn how to pat the note F sharp and G level on our alto saxophone.

G flat = Gb F sharp = F#

These two notes sound the same, yet have different names depending upon a few things. However, they are actually the very same note.

There are actually three F sharp and also G level notes top top alto saxophone. 


1 come play a low F sharp / G flat, add all three main fingers on your left hand, to add the middle finger top top your right hand.

2 to play a center F spicy / G flat, keep all key fingers top top their main keys as with a short F, but include the Register an essential with her LEFT thumb.

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3 keep in mind – your saxophone might or may not have the necessary right hand side key. Not all saxophones have a high F sharp key….some do however some don’t.

However, if the does – come play a high F spicy / G flat, save the Register vital (sometimes well-known as the Octave key) making use of your LEFT thumb at the back of your saxophone, however remove every 6 main fingers. Making use of the lower exterior of your LEFT index (pointer) finger, include in the an initial two top side keys. Utilizing the reduced inside center finger of her LEFT hand, add the third upper side key. Using the lower exterior of your appropriate index (pointer) finger, include in the top upper next key. Utilizing your RIGHT center finger include the high F sharp crucial (if it exist !). 


Notes on Alto Saxophone – F sharp

Once again let me simply say that you space an awesome saxophonist – and now girlfriend know how to play F spicy / G flat on the Alto saxophone. Store being amazing !

This is just one of the series of note On Alto Saxophone lessons here at how To play The Sax.

Please have actually a look around our blog to uncover out exactly how to play more notes on an alto sax