How To open up Gas lid on Hyundai Santa Fe (2005-2021) – After an ext than a te of being on the market and also seeing 2 generations of Hyundai’s best-selling SUV, the Santa Fe will be a longer, lighter, and faster SUV. For 2013 in this third-generation SUV, shoppers potentially searching for a much better Buy will certainly be spring in Santa Fe’s direction.

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When making use of a different automobile than what we usually use periodically requires adaptation. No exemption for trivial and minor points such as in search of a gas tank cap opened lever. Are you here because you don’t know exactly how to open up the gas lid on this car? you’re on the appropriate site!
How To open Gas lid on Hyundai Santa Fe (2005-2021)2005-2012 version Years2013-2018 model YearsEmergency Gas Tank lid Release2019-2021 version Years

How To open Gas cap on Hyundai Santa Fe (2005-2021)

Today I have actually a Hyundai Santa Fe and I’m gonna display you just how to open up the fuel door or gas cap whatever you want to speak to it. Depending upon your vehicle model years, right here are a couple of ways to perform it:

2005-2012 model Years

In this old generation Santa Fe the gas cap can be opened from inside the vehicle using a bar located on the driver’s seat front floor area. Traction the lever then open the gas cap to refuel the car.

2013-2018 version Years

All best this is the third generation of Hyundai Santa Fe. Ns gonna show you exactly how to open up up the gas tank a gas cap. If friend look in the driver-side door, there is a switch to open the fuel filler door. Just pull it and the fuel door will certainly open.

Emergency Gas Tank cap ReleaseIf there is a problem or it gets stuck when you open the gas cap, you have the right to open it v a bar from inside the stems on this model.

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Open the tribe doorLocate and also then release the panel v the gas station icon located at the bottom left of the cargo area

Time needed: 1 minute.Opening and closing the fuel door ~ above the 2019 Santa Fe is as basic as can be. Since there is no switch or any type of lever to open up it. Here’s how to execute it:Turn turn off the carMake sure to unlock the carGet the end of the vehicle and also find the fuel doorThe fuel door is located on the vehicle’s driver sidePush and release the center-rear edge of the fuel doorIt will certainly pop open and allowing you come refuel the carTurn the fuel tank cap counterclockwise to open itDone!
Hopefully, this article will be valuable to any of girlfriend trying to figure this thing out. You re welcome comment if friend have any type of questions. Say thanks to you for reading this and see you guys next time.

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