First eliminate the back part of the wii remote and the batteries. Then use the tri soup screw come unscrew the four tiny screws.

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Next usage a flathead screwdriver or maybe also your finger nails to pry apart the 2 piece. There is a clip top top either next of the d-pad which require the base piece to it is in squeezed inwards.

You’re walking to have two pieces and also the sensor could be grounding on the motherboard next or the optimal side, yet you still perform the exact same thing no issue what side it’s on.


Remove the “+” button covering. You additionally are walk to want to do the same with every the other button coverings.

many thanks Ashley! simple to understand and most helpful! Looking forward to learning other teardowns you may have!

because that the battery call in the remote wherein the b create is, how do i remove it? the 2 i have are corroded there and also i want to clean them

Its just in place with a bent ago piece of metal. Ideal thing I\"ve discovered to gain in there and also bend the metal earlier and pull it out gradually is through a penknife.

I have actually bumped in ~ the exact same issue. It seems you can\"t take it apart; i couldn\"t, at least. So, due to the fact that I additionally had bad corroded contacts and the controller wasn\"t working anyways, I decided to give it a shot. Think me, I\"ve tested before posting here.

Try this: Disassemble the entirety controller together normal. Remove the B button.

Now, girlfriend just have actually the earlier w/ contacts. Take it a cup and also pour alcohol vinegar in. Yeah, that one because that salads. Sink the controller in the solution. I recommend doing therefore vertically, to not soak the black color thingies. Inevitably, you will soak among them, however it\"ll be ok.

You should notice bubbles coming out. That\"s the oxygen native reaction, way it’s working. Leave it for around 30-45 minutes.

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