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Learn exactly how to do Oobleck without cornstarch in 5 minutes! A fun science experiment for youngsters to introduce straightforward concepts about fluids like liquid and also solid and have the most fun sensory play activity.

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What’s oobleck?

Oobleck is scientifically well-known as a non-Newtonian fluid. Allow me explain.

Ask yourself, is Oobleck solid or liquid? Well, it’s none of the above. It’s, in fact, both at the exact same time! This is what we call a non-Newtonian fluid.

It simply way that this material acts like a liquid once you don’t use pressure ~ above it, like when holding that in your hands.

But, the hardens and also acts like a hard if push is used to it. If you press it with your fingers or hands, it’s hard and daunting to grab.

In fact, if you make enough of it, you have the right to run on it without gaining your feet dirty or wet! If you were to avoid running, though, you’d sink!

How execute you do Oobleck?

Before i share the choice to make oobleck there is no corn starch, allow me share through you the straightforward instructions come make standard oobleck at home.

Oobleck ingredients

The classic recipe is made with a combination of:

1 1/2 cup of cornstarch or cornflour – both work-related with the very same amount. This refers to the continuous corn starch from the baking aisle of her grocery store, nothing fancy.1 cup waterDrops of food colour if you like – optional, simply for fun!

Then, mix the cornstarch v cold madness water and add your food colour (if used).

Mix by hand until the mixture of cornstarch starts to harden as soon as squished but drips prefer honey when you release the pressure.

But if you’re out of cornstarch in ~ home, girlfriend are more than likely wondering which flour can be offered to change the cornstarch to make Oobleck.

Oobleck fun!

We made ours Oobleck v arrowroot flour and made one Oobleck pool in a large plastic container. Due to the fact that Halloween is coming up, us made spooky oobleck by including plastic googly eye to the mixture.

Cornstarch swaps

There space actually three other flours that occupational really well to make oobleck. However, since these flours have different properties than cornstarch, the flour to water proportion is different.

Read my just how to do oobleck without cornstarch instructions below to make certain your oobleck comes out great.

Arrowroot FlourTapioca Flour additionally called tapioca powderPotato Starch

The first two flours work-related with the exact same ratio. You may have actually to adjust the proportion for potato starch.

Can i make Oobleck through all-purpose flour?

Unfortunately, you can’t make Oobleck v wheat flour.

You absolutely require starchy flour, choose arrowroot flour, corn starch, cornflour, or potato starch.

Oobleck frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes Oobleck doesn’t come out as you expect, yet the an excellent news is that you can always fix Oobleck!

And even if it end up like Oobleck-slime due to the fact that you included too much water, children still have fun through it.

Can ns save hard Oobleck?

You can constantly save a too-hard Oobleck through adding an ext cold water. Always add water 1 tablespoon at a time to stop a fast dilution the the Oobleck recipe.

What to carry out if mine Oobleck is too liquid?

To save a watery Oobleck texture, just add an ext of her starchy flour. Add it slowly as the texture deserve to change very quickly.

However, friend can likewise make Oobleck-slime by adding more water come the mixture. It’s not rather the same, but it’s just as fun!

Is Oobleck edible?

No, girlfriend can’t eat oobleck. Cornstarch or any kind of starchy flour space not edible raw flours. Raw cornstarch leader to anemia and also other health issues.

Make sure you beat oobleck with your kids and don’t permit them eat this.

Can you do Oobleck v baking soda?

You can’t make oobleck with only baking soda. Girlfriend will have to use part starch or baking flour – which is usually baking soda and also cream that tartar.

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