Doodle adversary Combinations guide (iOS Android)Posted in Doodle God. To update on December 15, 2020 by Doodle Devil finish Guide v All Combinations for iOS, Android, speed Game. There are 2 species of Doodle devil guide: mobile and also flash game. The iOS Android (mobile version) has 198 elements and 20 teams (version 2.1.4 – to update on Jun. 11, 2014), conversely, the flash game version has actually 100 elements and 11 teams (Nov. 20, 2010). Hopefully, this solves most of the concerns encountered through Doodle evil one players about mismatch combinations.

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Doodle evil one Overview

You have to help Doodle evil one in devastation of everything. Continue to be updated with both games, there are many brand-new things we will add to them! You’ve already created a totality Universe native the four straightforward elements and also you don’t understand what to execute next? destroy everything to the ground! discover the seven deadly sins and also there will be no coming ago for you! shot to incorporate elements and invent murder, death, demons, beasts, zombies… i m sorry will ruin everything. Take on the civilization of lust, gluttony, greed and theft to find out what Doodle adversary was doing when Doodle God to be busy developing the Universe and life in it.

Doodle devil Features

Now easily accessible in 13 languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish and also Polish. Mold the combine of fire, earth, wind and also air to develop a cosmos of her darkest desires!New Graphics!New User Interface.New Demon Mode!New “Devil Slots” gameplay mode.Intuitive one-click gameplay encourages thoughtful, creative play.Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings.

Doodle evil one Bonus Content

Doodle connected Guides

Doodle evil one Element mix for iOS Android

There room 198 Elements and 20 groups in Doodle devil for Android and also iOS.

Doodle evil one Element combination for flash Game

There are 100 Elements and also 11 teams in Doodle evil one for speed Game.

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Doodle devil Quest: A ray of irradiate in the Kingdom that Darkness

Help the angel acquire into the infernal party! her goal is to use the various aspects to create scary costumes. We have actually bolded all the scary costumes as they space the final assets for this quest.

Acid + air = PoisonAir + poison = Poison GasMan + toxicity Gas = JokerMagic + mrs = WitchWater + Witch = Witch’s HatFire + stone = MetalMan + steel = WeaponMan + Weapon = Blood, Corpse, and also GhostMan + Blood = VampireAir + Ghost = Ghost BalloonAcid = Corpse = SkeletonAir + Vampire = BatAcid + Bat = WingsWoman + metal = ToolsSkeleton + tools = SkullVampire + tools = Vampire FangsEarth + devices = FieldTools + Tree = Apple, Stick, and also WoodSkull + stick = Spooky StaffFire + stick = TorchSkull + Torch = Scary SkullTool + timber = BoxBox + Joker = Jack-in-the-BoxApple + planet = SeedsField + seeds = WheatStone + What = FlourFlour + Water = DoughDough + Fire = Spooky Cake

Elements through Categories

Element (6): Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Metal, StoneHumans (6): Woman, Blood, Corpse, Joker, Man, SkullWitchcraft (6): Witch, Bat, Ghost, Magic, Skeleton, VampirePumpkin (9): Torch, Ghost Balloon, Vampire Fangs, Jack-in-the-Box, Wings, Scary Skull, Witch’s Hat, Spooky Cake, Spooky StaffPlants (9): Stick, Apple, Tree, Dough, Wheat, Field, Wood, Flour, SeedsTools (6): Weapon, Acid, Box, Poison, toxicity Gas, Tools

Doodle adversary Quest: Witch Costume

Beast + Darkness = DemonDemon + power = MagicMagic + woman = WitchSin + Weapon = WrathWrath + guy = WarriorWarrior + Werewolf = WoolTools + wool = FabricFabric + woman = ClothingClothing + Witch = Witch’s Hat

Doodle evil one Quest: Jack-o-Lantern

Apple + planet = SeedsEarth + seeds = Grass, Mushroom, TreeTools + Tree = Apple, Stick, WoodFire + rod = TorchApple + Radiation = PumpkinPumpkin + Torch = Jack-o-Lantern