Ok, so i am interested in paint up a Dark Angels test mini, but I execute not have actually Bleached Bone paint for the chest eagles. What combinations/mix that colors would you usage to obtain a similar color? I�d assume it�s some mix of whites/browns/yellows � but being the novice artist that ns am this one has me stumped.I have actually the adhering to paints to work with:Skull whitebestial/snake bite brown,badmoon/sunburst/golden yellowOh, and do you guys have any kind of suggestions ~ above what would certainly be a good mixture to highlight DA green with? (I perform not have snot or goblin green) I have actually Dark Angels/Camo green and also the yellows/whites noted above to work with.Thanks,Xikan

++ MODERATI CEDO ++Interesting, camo environment-friendly to to mark the DA? ns ruled that alternative out right away. However, it is a check mini, so why not give it a shot? ns was thinking around a DA green/Bad moon yellow mix because that highlights, however I havent combined it up yet to watch what that looks like.Anyone else willing to take it the challenge?Thanks,Xikan
There provided to be a chart that had the ratios of every colurs in the GW range, do using only red, yellow and also blue (possibly earlier and white aswell).I never quite believed it myself, yet I intend it's about theory possible. You'd need to trawl through the cmon messageboard, I'm not certain what the search term would be, perhaps ask end there if anyone remembers it.

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There used to be a graph that had the ratios of every colurs in the GW range, made using only red, yellow and blue (possibly ago and white aswell).

Yep. It's ~ above CMON. Friend can find it appropriate HERE~Ray

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Ok, that chart is every little thing I was searching for an more! good news is I have Sunburst Yellow, Blood Red, and also Enchanted blue! now I deserve to mix up some snot green and bleached bone! thanks so much guys!
For what it's worth, the "Bone" ~ above this mini is simply Snakebite and also White:
Same on this guy's tabbard:

Face we currently grim fight - take your shields and also raise castle high;With respect we have actually lived our lives, v Honor we shall die!
Well, it's usually a blending project going from practically pure Snakebite in the deep recesses increase to nearly straight White ~ above the higlights. The middle-ground is more than likely not as well terribly far from 50-50.
Face we now grim fight - take her shields and also raise castle high;With honor we have actually lived our lives, v Honor we shall die!
i would usage a mix of skull white and also snake bite leather together for the green apply 2-3 layers of DA green,then a coat of 80:20 mix that DA green and also snot environment-friendly highlight is DA eco-friendly with a touch of skull whiteand thats just how i execute my dark angels