You will be able to view this lesson an ext effectively in this blog as FB doesn’t permit images to it is in interspersed in ~ text. Here I to be able to to mark the points ns wish to do throughout the class which emphasises the suggest I am making in every hint and tip.

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I have actually now additionally placed class 1 listed below this article to provide quicker, simpler reference and access for you.

In lesson 1 girlfriend will have actually seen how I begin most the my paintings with varying toughness of pale yellow under-washes/glazes. You might recall I also mentioned that countless paintings that have white highlights. If this is the situation – i ensure the white areas remain white – through no yellow underwash in those areas.

The an initial lesson verified one next of Sarah’s hair with the yellow underwash and also the other side auburn hair together it was beginning to take shape.

This image enabled you to watch the first step and additionally where ns am headed.

In this lesson we will go earlier to ours yellow underwash on both sides of the head – add strength to areas of yellow underwash that need an ext saturation – and also then i will comment on how I create the an initial of the auburn washes.


In the close up image below – you have the right to see ns have begun strengthening the yellow in the former left hand side. I did this by laying in a 2nd underwash that yellow wherein I want the hair to be warmer, an ext rich and much more glowing.

Once the painted areas are dry, i lay in a selection of color auburn color mixes to define Sarah’s auburn hair. I use varying combine of this colors to create those mixes. The is fun to come to be familiar with all the feasible mixes girlfriend can produce with these few colors. Merely push her mixes to favour one color and also then another. You will be amazed!

Colors provided to develop an auburn hair color:

Aureolin Yellow Modern, Translucent Orange, Ultramarine Blue Finest, Quinacridone Red. The various combinations space easily accomplished by enabling different colors to dominate the mix.

Local Color:

A beautiful, transparent (non sedimentary) scorched Sienna deserve to be blended using this colors above. Play through the colors – friend will watch what ns mean. This ‘Burnt Sienna’ color is ideal for the ‘Local Color’ locations of the hair.


Shadows must be dark and also warm.

These are simple to create if you usage the colors mentioned above – but allow the blue and also red to overcome the mix. Her shadow shade will be harmonious since you room using the same palette that colors yet pushing her mix into the ‘shadow’ selection by utilizing the more powerful darker colors.


As mentioned previously – the highlights in this study are an extremely pale yellow

Before i lay in my Auburn colors, I spend some time observing Sarah’s hair. Where the shadows are, exactly how the ribbons and strands of hair flow in and out the the irradiate etc. Great observation is an essential to the success of producing beautiful, life-like hair. Ns take keep in mind of the adhering to points – often making an assessment of what is in prior of me. This help me to understand exactly how light and shadow will help me to describe the undulating circulation of Sarah’s beautiful tide :

POINTS to CONSIDER::– light areas constantly appear come come front in a painting. Therefore I retain the highlights in ~ the prior of a curl. (Retain means I leave these areas unpainted). Ns am certain to save the edges SOFT and BLENDED whereby the local color meets the highlight. I do this by laying in a damp wash over the neighborhood area and also highlight too. Once the to wash is just damp – no wet or shiny – ns lay in a to wash of mine local shade into this slightly damp clear water wash. If you referee it right – girlfriend will discover the circulation of pigment into the emphasize area is an extremely minimal. Her pigment will have very tiny flow.due come the minimal amount of water on your paper. This minimal flow will allow a tenderness blend v the highlight.area whereby the 2 meet.

I have digressed a little! we were discussing exactly how light areas – particularly whites – appear to come forward in a painting.

– conversely I use shadow locations in the depth of the curls. Shadows space darker. Dark color recede right into the composition.

– The rest of the curl is ‘local color’. ‘Local color’ describes the shade of the object – without irradiate or zero affecting it.



Initial Auburn color Wash. Notice how I have actually varied the colour to describe the curls, highlights and shadows

On my mix palette I produce the color mixes that ns am most likely to require to permit me immediate access to a selection of auburn colors and also shadow colors.

I put in a clear water wash over the highlights, local shade areas and shadow areas.

TIP: i am regularly asked if the local color needs to walk onto the shadow areas too. The answer is a resounding “yes”. I constantly paint mine local shade in the areas that will eventually likewise have mine shadow color on top. Why? because in nature, shadows are on top of a neighborhood color.

Imagine hair the is not impacted by irradiate or shadow. What would we have – what would certainly we see? If the shadow and highlights were no affecting our hair (or any type of subject for the matter) – us would view the local shade of the topic wouldn’t we! There would be no light or highlight – and also no actors shadows. They only thing left is the local color!

Establishing that local shade underneath our subject will give the impression of our subject having an ext ‘substance’ – and also we space avoiding any type of harsh shift lines in between local color and also shadow color.

This reminder is universal – it uses to any kind of subject matter. :0). I digress again…….

While the wash is only justslightly damp (the record will have actually a matt surface – no sheen from the clear water wash) I have the right to then autumn in mine local color where essential – including the in the locations that will eventually be in shadow.

Once dry i rewet the paper. When just slightly-damp again – i lay in my shadow color in the shadow areas.

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The slightly-damp paper will permit the shadow shade to blend into the local color area there is no leaving a tough demarcation heat – as stated previously.

Watch this space for the following lesson……

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