Straight pipe Burners

are stocked by in lengths that 32", 44", 56", and also 68" measure from one end of the pipe to the opposite finish with the pipeline threads. This pipe burners space sometimes dubbed stick burners or pipe burners. We tradition make longer lengths,fabricate square pipeline burners, radial spoke burners, and custom gas manifolds the method you want them. We have machined thousands of custom pipe burners...we can make one for you.

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PBM125 - directly Pipe Burner 1.25" identifier in 32", 44", 56", or 68" lengths. Assistance LEGS obtainable as an option. Provided in Hog Roasters, Pig Cookers, gun Bluing, Maple Syrup Evaporation, and BBQ Pits.♦ 32", 44", 56", and 68" typical pipe burners lengths.♦ built witha permanently welded plate stole disk at one end and also our 1.25" NPT threaded HPMAX-1 venturi in ~ the opposite end.♦ Pipes measure 1.25"ID/1.5"OD with a 3/16" wall surface thickness.♦ Eight inch of pipe close to the venturi is supplied as the "throat" that the burner and does no have any type of holes because that flames.♦ A 32" burner has 24" the flames, 44" burner has actually 36" the flames, 56" burner has actually 48" the flames, and also a 68" burner has 60" of flames. Show your fuel choice of herbal gas, low push propane, or high press propane in theCOMMENTSsection that the purchase cart. Propane is expensive therefore don't garbage propane making use of a pipe burner which provides an inefficient yellow flame.You can carry out support that the assembly by using a cradle make of a size of 1.5" edge iron. Together a cradle support permits basic removal for maintenance. These pipe burners are designed to provide even, high-heat blue flames transparent the length of the pipe. Castle are basic to light.♦ through Low push use we suggest theCOM5 regulator/hose.♦ through High pressure use we imply theCOM3 regulator/hose.♦ accessible with anOptional Needle manage Valve with integral Orifice. rememberingsomer.comcanweld irreversible 1/2" diameter round supporting legs follow me the size of any pipe burner.Order the unit through "LEGS"atthe end of the part number, (shown in drop-down order box to the right). Custom size stainless steel pipe burners of any kind of length can be made to order. Call for a quote.Free shipping to all 48 contiguous U.S. States.

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load Weight w/LEGSPBM125-32" 10# 14#PBM125-44" 12# 18#PBM125-56" 15# 22#PBM125-68" 18# 26#Free shipping come the 48 contiguous U.S. States.