What glue would certainly work finest to adhesive cork to the bottom that coasters? ns was thinking spray glue. Any kind of other suggestions? ns am guessing castle will just be supplied for screen as lock are part of my wedding order and she want 25 special coasters. There space no open up cutouts, just the outline of Trinidad & St. Lucia. Thanks!! Betty P.S. I"m transferring these tomorrow. Nothing choose waiting until the critical minute! LOL
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Contact cement works as well. Our an innovative director extended one wall surface of his office through corkboard to hang covers up on (for books, magazines, etc.) he used call cement. Apply the cement to both surfaces, permit it to dry, and then push them together. Simply be careful! friend only obtain one shot!Contact cement sets up a lot much faster than constant wood glue. I"d likewise be fear of continuous wood glue soaking top top the cork and making that a little stiff.Bob

Betty,. Thanks for asking this quistion. For i likewise was wondering just how to glue cork to a surfis. Many thanks Bob. Contack cement. Got it. Her friend Evie

That"s a an excellent question. You would think any type of of the suggestions would work. What i don"t know is the every (commercial) coaster we have that has a cork bottom, the cork is comes loose. You would certainly think service providers would have established how to save it on.Earl
The coasters ns made had alot of open up cutouts, every I offered was reguler supervisor glue. I put a thin coat v a brush top top the bottom next of the wood, climate pressed lock onto the sheet of cork, climate trimmed the cork v a razor blade. Worked pretty great just make sure its a thin coat or it will soak v the cork.King
I once glued 1/8th inch thick cork to lumber using regular titebond II , and also as Bob said, that did get some genuine stiff spots whereby the adhesive was suck up through the cork, however it did organize good.I was planning on utilizing Aleens tacky glue, ns think the stuff should be fine because that it as well. Dale
The glue need to stand approximately heat and moisture, therefore I"m no sure around wood glue, white glue, or contact cement. There"s a superglue gelatin that"s quite versatile, no sure just how it is v heat, however.A couple of ideas that concerned mind space silicone adhesives and also also good old general-purpose "cement"; friend know, the old-fashioned ingredient in the steel tube you want to save away indigenous in near quarters.

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I made some fretted coasters awhile back, and also the spray adhesive I offered didn"t job-related at all. It came loose rather quickly, (within a couple of hours), for this reason I provided Titebond II, used to the wood, ( to prevent it from showing through the frets), and also it has actually held increase for around a year or so, therefore far. Ns made 16 coasters this method and I never had any type of problem through the cork acquiring stiff. Ns guess the trick is no to overload the glue, (I was careful not to put too much since I didn"t want there to be any type of squeeze-out between the frets.
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Contact cement must work fine. They use warm to help activate call cement therefore it should work well with heat. That is also an extremely water resistant. The cork will stay soft one pliable with call cement as well.

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Well, hubby went ahead and also used spray glue before I obtained my answers! MEN!! Gees, ask a question and then execute what lock want. Anyway, when I lacquered them ns didn"t put anything ~ above the backside therefore it was bare wood, for this reason he sprayed both surfaces through the glue and stuck lock together and then trimmed and also weighed them under for 24 hours. I looked at them today and they room great. Castle are simply for "show" and won"t be provided for drinks however I tho didn"t want them come come apart, especially for the price i charged her. Many thanks for the answers though, I"ll keep the contact cement in mind once I carry out my bulletin board kind thingy. Betty
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I know, old thread. However, I found it when googling because that a solution. Will contact cement work when gluing cork come the turbulent side of hardboard (masonite)?
Happy Anniversary! will certainly be ordering more blades soon. Ns am right into the second gross of #7 and also so far they it seems ~ to be fine. Guess it was simply a glitch in the manufacturing.