Have your clothing or her sandals provided you tan lines? perform your tan currently look poor on you? perform you desire to know exactly how to get rid of them and what causes them in the first place? If so, this short article is for you.

9.8 have you ever before had tan lines before? If so, what remedy did you use for it? please let us recognize in the comments section below.

In this article, we room going to talk about what causes tan lines and how to remove tan present using organic remedies


Before that, execute the natural remedies because that removing tan present work, or room they just another myth? execute you must consult a doctor regarding tan lines? room tan currently curable? Kindly review on to discover out. 

Why carry out we get tan lines? What space the causes of tan lines?

Tan lines take place when we spend too lot time under the sun, attract the same form of clothing. The component of our skin that is exposed to the sun’s UV rays becomes darker or tanner due to the excess production of the melanin pigment. 

The part of our skin the is under some kind of clothes or footwear stays fairer together it does not get as lot UV radiation native the sun. Our clothes and also our footwear have actually some lot of Sun defense Index (SPI). 


Can tan lines be removed, or space they permanent? will certainly a beard leave a tan line?

Removing tan present is really simple. There are plenty of home remedies obtainable to remove tan lines. Every one of the ingredients deserve to be discovered right in her kitchen and bathroom. 

You can be surprised to recognize this yet even our beards have actually a reasonably high Sun protection Index (SPI) of 21. This fact was discovered via research conducted by one institute referred to as Radiation defense Dosimetry in 2012. 

Beard tan currently mostly take place in males with brown skin and also thick beards. Among the key drawbacks of having actually a large and special beard is that it will reason beard tan lines once you cut it off.

Beard tan lines will certainly look aer on your face however don’t worry, there are numerous home remedies the can eliminate beard tan lines as well. Us will discuss them in detail in the following section.

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What are the herbal remedies to eliminate tan lines? 6 natural Remedies That occupational Fast.

These natural home remedies remove tan lines anywhere on the human body or indigenous the challenge & neck within 30 minutes. They room effective yet cost-effective to implement. They are:

1. Lemon peels or lemon juice

Lemon, being a citrus fruit, is affluent in Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the shedding of dead skin cells and is really efficient at removing the melanin pigment on the skin. Therefore, her skin i do not care fair and also soft.


Wherever you uncover tan lines on your skin, simply rub cut lemons top top that part for 20 minutes. Your tan lines will fade and also your skin will come to be fair. Then to wash that part of your skin with water, lest you can get a boy burn top top that part of her skin together lemon contains citric acid. 

2. Cucumbers

Like lemons, cucumbers too room rich in Vitamin C, which accelerates dead skin cell loss and makes her skin fair. Where you uncover tan currently on your skin, simply place a couple of slices of cucumber on that part of her skin. Her tan lines will fade away and your skin will come to be fair. 


3. Potatoes

Some civilization might it is in surprised at this fact yet potatoes too are rich in Vitamin C and also Potassium. Potassium nourishes the skin while Vitamin C gets rid of tan lines and makes the skin fairer.


Wherever you discover tan present on your skin, simply place a couple of slices that peeled potato over there to settle the problem. The fresher the potato, the an ext effective it will be at curing tan present on your skin. 

4. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is effective at remove the melanin pigment on your skin. Mix one cup that baking soda with fifty percent a cup of heat water to kind a thick paste of baking soda. Use this dough to the dark next of your skin. Make both political parties of the tan line equally fair will certainly eradicate the tan line on her skin. 


5. Black color Tea

Black tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that catalyze the shedding of dead skin cells and also remove the melanin pigment on our skin. As soon as both political parties of the tan line come to be fair, the tan line is eliminated. 


Pour a few cups of black tea right into a bucket of water and bathe through the mixture. It will make your skin fair and cure the tan lines on your skin. Black color tea can additionally cure any kind of burns that are there on your skin. 

6. Milk cream

Milk cream moisturizes and also nourishes her skin. The is also the most effective at removed the melanin colours on your skin. Again, by do both political parties of the tan line equally fair, we cure the tan line. Girlfriend must use milk cream to the tanner next of the tan line. 


Mix one cup that milk cream with fifty percent a cup the turmeric powder to form a special paste. Apply this paste where you have actually tan currently on her skin. Permit the dough be on her skin because that 20 minutes. Then wash off this paste through lukewarm water. Girlfriend will uncover that your skin is cured that tan lines and has end up being fairer. 

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What provides tan lines on feet last a long time? Is there any solution for this?

Most the the human being wear the very same footwear for a lengthy time (in the bespeak of year together). Hence, the same parts of your feet are exposed to the sun and also the same parts of their feet room shielded indigenous the sun for year together. 

Hence, tan lines develop easily ~ above the feet and also last much longer than tan currently on various other body parts. Even if the totality foot is made fair as result of some remedies, the is simply a issue of time before sun exposure renders tan lines show up on her feet again (unless your feet are completely covered by footwear).

There are countless home remedies available to cure tan present on the feet. They are:

1. Soak her feet in shampoo and also lemon juice

Lemon juice is wealthy in Vitamin C, which is great at to reduce the melanin colors on her skin and catalyzing the shedding the dead skin cells. Shampoo too accelerates the shedding the dead skin cells. 

Take fifty percent a bucket the water. Juice 6 lemons and mix it with the water. Include one tablespoon of any kind of shampoo to the solution and mix well. Soak her feet in this systems for 20 minutes. Then take a scrub and clean your feet. 

All the dirt, melanin, and also tan currently on her feet would have actually gone away. Your feet would certainly have come to be fair and smooth. Once your feet have become fair and also clean, use some moisturizer (like Vaseline) on her feet to stop sun tanning and also sunburns in the future.

2. Coffee powder and coconut oil

Coffee powder and coconut oil space rich in vitamins and minerals that remove the melanin pigment on your skin and also enhance the shedding that dead skin cells.

Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee powder v one tablespoon the coconut oil and also apply the on her feet. Let your feet soak it for 10 minutes. Climate wash her feet and scrub them. Climate was your feet one critical time and dry them. All the tan lines and also dirt on your feet would have faded away.

Why execute you shed your tan in winter? according to Scientific research study & Dermatology.

During winter, we execute not get as lot UV radiation from the sun as during summer. Therefore the melanocytes (cells) in ~ the bottom class of our skin, execute not create much melanin. 

When only a tiny amount the melanin is produced, there will certainly not be lot of a difference in between the tanner and also the lighter next of ours skin. Therefore, our tan currently diminish or disappear fully during the winter. 

When to view your dermatologist about tan lines? What to intend from her doctor?

Tan present usually execute not need us come consult with a doctor. They deserve to be cured using residence remedies or ointments. However, if your tan lines do not fade away even after applying home remedies and ointments, kindly consult a dermatologist. It could be a symptom of skin cancer. 

Dermatologists usually recommend using sun lotion v an SPI (Sun protection Index) that 30 or much more to cure tan lines. Castle make your skin fair and also moist to avoid sun tanning and sunburns. 


Apply house remedies at least once a main to avoid the incident of tan lines. If tan currently persist despite applying home remedies and ointments, kindly top a dermatologist as it could be a symptom of skin cancer. 

Tan lines are not at all fashionable and do not look an excellent on people. So if you check out a tan heat on your skin, shot to get rid of it as quickly as possible.


Take a nice warm bath will assist you in reducing her tan lines.Use the moisturizers i m sorry contain AHA in it; this are very effective in avoiding tan lines.Going to the hot pools is really useful because that fading away from the tan lines from your skin.If you likewise want part fun v your therapy then rolling around in the sand ~ above the coast can aid you to remove tanned skin.Use baby oil to moisturize her skin because it’s crucial in fighting versus any impurities.Take weekly spas come improve all at once skin relaxation.Take a Sauna bath as soon as every 2 weeks.Using body Scrubs more frequently.


1. Go coconut oil help you tan faster?

Yes, coconut oil has zero SPI and amplifies the absorb of sunlight. Hence, it provides you tan faster. 

2. Why do civilization smell poor after tanning?

Laying ~ above a tan bed or acquisition a sunbath, activates details bacteria on the skin. These good bacteria produce details chemicals that make you odor bad. This bad smell is no harmful to your health.

3. Do sunburns make you sick?

Yes, serious sunburns have the right to make friend sick. Major sunburns room accompanied by symptoms like nausea, vomiting, chills, fever, and headaches.

4. Go melanin reason Vitamin D deficiency?

Yes, melanin degrades our skin’s capability to absorb Vitamin D indigenous sunlight. Hence, human being with very dark skin space at risk of gaining Vitamin D deficiency. 

5. What have the right to you carry with yourself for recurring application?

Take some rose water in a little spray bottle. Save some Tulsi (Basil) leaves immersed in it and also store that in the refrigerator overnight. Always lug the spray bottle through you at any time you are out. Spray it sometimes on your face and other areas when you room out in the sun, this helps you to avoid tanning and keep you off from the sunburns.(PS: Renew the mixture every two days.)

6. What space the ideal solutions to eliminate tan indigenous men?

The same process listed above can be efficient for males too.

7. What is the ideal face pack for males to eliminate the suntan?

The exact same process detailed above deserve to be reliable for guys too.

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Have you ever before had tan present before? If so, what remedy go you use for it? please let us understand in the comments ar below.