Beggarweed, likewise commonly recognized as rise Beggarweed, is a perennial broadleaf weed the grows short to the ground and stands out with three leaflets which attach to a main stem. The weed has been uncovered mainly in the southern part of the United says with Texas and also Florida gift the states that have actually the largest trouble with this tree invading landscapes.

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Beggarweed rears the ugly head in the spring and becomes influential in the summer i beg your pardon is when greatly lawn owners come to be frustrated with maintaining it under control. Pulling or digging out the tree is ineffective and also some have even labeled the plant together the "unkillable weed" due to the fact that of the resistance the shows versus your mean broadleaf herbicide.

If girlfriend are managing pesky Beggarweed, our step-by-step DIY overview will display you precisely how to eliminate Beggarweed quickly and also save money act it with the help of our skilled quality herbicides.



Before carrying out a therapy program, you will need to very first be certain that girlfriend are managing Creeping Beggarweed and not some other weed. Careless identification deserve to lead to using the dorn treatment methods which have the right to be a garbage of time and money.

Beggarweed is a perennial weed with leaves the contain 3 leaflets which differ in size however are usually marked with fine hairs.It has an erect stem with flowers the can variety from purplish come rose-colored and are small but was standing out amongst the green.The rise Beggarweed fruit come with six or eight rounded segment which once ripened can conveniently break off and get stuck to clothing and animal fur. Beggarweed have the right to reproduce indigenous seed and also stolons and also can be uncovered in turfgrass, open woods, and areas that room disturbed.

Use the above description and also image to help you in identifying the invasive plant on her landscape as beggarweed. If you room unsure, friend can always contact us and our lawn care experts will help to correctly identify the plant you have and offer personalized control suggestions.



After you have evidenced that friend are managing Beggarweed, you deserve to then move on to inspection. Throughout this phase, you will locate areas where rise Beggarweed is thriving and also observe the conditions that are allowing it come thrive. This information will assist you in knowing where to emphasis your herbicide application.

Where to Inspect

Chances are, if you have Beggarweed, it would be difficult to miss them together they rod out favor a sore thumb on your lawn among your desired grass and also plant life. Beggarweed is a creeping dispersing perennial weed which deserve to be fоund in ореn turfgrаѕѕ аnd has the аbіlіtу come grоw in dіѕturbеd аrеаѕ.

What to Look For

Look because that the creeping beggarweed plant and see where they are concentrated. You will notice its large dark green leaflets and also how the creeps along the ground. Large infestations the beggarweed will certainly really stand out together they create virtually a mat the sorts.


Creeping Bеggаrwееd саn bе a hard wееd tо manage uѕіng cultural mеthоdѕ, lаrgеlу early tо thе fасt thаt thе lаrgе tарrооt mаkеѕ hаnd-рullіng difficult. Beggarweed seedpods are conveniently dіѕruрtеd аnd hаnd-рullіng have the right to rеѕult іn ѕрrеаdіng thеm in her lawn. Addіtіоnаllу, thе wееd саn resist mowing at a short height and also will save coming back.

Make sure to wear the proper personal protective equipment prior to applying any type of herbicides to her yard. Our peak herbicide references to control Beggarweed is Fahrenheit. Use as a spot treatment to your lawn or a broadcast applications on large areas that require treatment.

Step 1 - Mix and also Apply Fahrenheit


Measure the square clip of the treatment area come determine exactly how much Fahrenheit Herbicide you will certainly need. Fahrenheit spot treatments space made at a price of 0.2 oz. Every 1 gallon that water come treat 1,000 square feet. For acreage applications, apply 3 to 4 oz. Of product every acre come treat rise Beggarweed using in between 20 to 80 gallons of water. Mixing Fahrenheit with a surfactant favor Alligare 90 will enable the herbicide come stick to and spread end the leaf surface and enable the herbicide come be absorbed into the sheet tissue.

For example, if you have actually a 2,000 sq. Ft. Area to treat, friend will need to mix 0.4 fl. Oz. In 2 gallons of water. Once you have actually made her measurements and calculated how much Fahrenheit Herbicide girlfriend need, mix the product and also surfactant through the appropriate amount of water in a handheld or backpack sprayer. Shiver the sprayer come ensure the equipment is well-mixed and also then you"re ready to spray.

Lightly spray the Fahrenheit Herbicide mixture simply on the top of the sheet surface, being cautious of wind drift. Stop spraying locations where ornamental plants would be contacted. Relocate around and spot act the areas where you watch beggarweed growing. As soon as applying, readjust the nozzle setting to a pan nozzle for this reason it will spray a good mist on the Beggarweed and also get an even coating on the weed.

Noticeable kill might take 1 come 3 weeks for the product with its preferably effects depending on the weed selection and environmental conditions

Step 2 - monitor Up Application


Check ago in 10 to 14 days come see how well the initial application has worked. You have to be may be to notice yellowing and also wilting the the beggarweed at this point. In some cases, you may need to reapply.

For specific difficult-to-control weeds, a follow-up applications made between 4 come 6 weeks later on may be necessary. Total amount of product applied in a single calendar year (365 days) need to not exceed 12 oz. That product every acre.



The ideal defense versus Beggarweed is a thick lush lawn the is effectively maintained and well-fed. Stop scalping your lawn by mowing at too low that a height. A thick dense lawn the is well-fertilized will be far better able to choke out weeds and not enable them room come establish.

Mowing frequently at the right height (between 2 come 4 inches) for your grass typeWatering her grass deeply yet infrequently at a rate of 1 come 1.5 customs at least 1 time a week.Fertilize her lawn so that does not have actually a nutrient deficiency.Choose a turfgrass that have the right to prevent weed establishment.

Key Takeaways

What is Beggarweed?

Beggarweed (also called Creeping Beggarweed) is a perennial broadleaf weed with a huge taproot and deep rhizomes that can be complicated to control and also frustrates lawn owners due to the fact that mowing and hand-pulling is ineffective versus it.

How to eliminate Creeping Beggarweed

We recommend Fahrenheit Herbicide together it has demonstrated excellent regulate of Beggarweed. Mix well and spot treat, being careful not to obtain chemicals on wanted plants.

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Preventing Beggarweed Reinfestation

Prevent Beggarweed native coming back with continuous lawn care maintenance (fertilizing, mowing, watering).