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Patron of Lost reasons

There is a turbulent engraving ~ above its side: "In Memoriam."

My name is Saint-14.The Speaker to be my father. Guardians do not have true fathers. Some could say Guardians carry out not have true family. We room born through no one yet our Ghosts, and we uncover our way to miscellaneous more. I was lucky to find my way to a family. A household I chose for myself.I was attracted to the Speaker since of the vision he had for this City. He assisted me recognize that us fight no for the sake of fighting, however for the services of the people. He taught me come imagine a day where we can put down our weapons and also that getting to that day would be our biggest victory yet. Ns have worked for the day every my life.The Speaker was a leader in this City. That was here at the formation. He helped establish the Consensus. Most importantly, he was a number that world could recognize and trust. Since of him, the is what ns aspire come be as well: a familiar confront who reminds people that they space safe. The they room taken care of.It is painful for me—and for all of us—that we can not it is in there during the Speaker"s critical moments. Together Guardians, that is the nature that our long lives that we see many civilization die. Us hope that, with our service, we can offer them tranquil deaths. At the very least, we understand that the Speaker passed away bravely. We recognize that he passed away with the City, the people, and the Traveler in his mind. We know that his critical moments to be a testament to everything this City stand for: bravery in the face of adversity and dedication to our principles when challenged with those who would execute us harm.We can not reclaim what we have lost. There will constantly be a void the the Speaker when filled. Us cannot replace him.But i hope, someday, us may find someone to continue his work.Father, i will miss you. Ns am sorry for the time that i failed you. I have been provided a 2nd chance, and also I will usage it to live as much as the ideals you thought you witnessed in me. I will not let girlfriend down.Thank you.—Eulogy for the speaker of the critical City, given by Saint-14, on the work of the Speaker"s memorial service