Q: “My electrical sunroof won’t close, what have the right to I perform to fix it? The merganser season is coming and I need to sort this the end ASAP!” Wearing a Poncho in Victoria.

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A: A sunroof is great way come get extr sun or air into your vehicle. There room several different versions of sunroofs; most open and also close automatically with the touch the a button. If your sunroof suddenly becomes grounding open, and also it’s rainy or cold outside, you’ve got a significant problem. The 2 main reasons of a grounding sunroof are a absence of power and debris stuck in the sunroof’s tracks.

Inspecting elevator Arms

One point to do is eliminate the glass native the sunroof to accessibility the elevator arms. The guides that the lift arms follow might need come be pushed forward if they have become stuck in the open up position. Our glass repair partners use tools to press the travel guide forward so the the lift arms can fully close. If this was the issue, they would replace the glass and test the out. If that is quiet stuck, they may check out the sunroof cable together it may have slid into the course of the guides and lift arm. You may should remove the sunroof bowl to accessibility and resit the sunroof cable. Then you replace the J plate and also test that the background arms relocate fully.

Testing the Motor/Electrical

If over there is nothing physcially prevent the sunroof you must ensure that the sunroof engine is to run properly. If over there is no power to the motor, the sunroof will remain in the open up position. A glass technician can test the engine by turning and pushing the motor mechanism from the inside in an effort to work the engine manually. If they can open and also close the sunroof manually, then the engine is broken and also needs to it is in replaced.

To be certain your your engine is not changed unnecessarily, castle will also check the wiring going to the motor to make certain there is no a brief circuit the is protecting against the electrical power from acquiring to the motor. Making use of a multimeter they test the sunroof switch and wires. If over there is no resistance, climate the wiring is fine. If over there is high resistance, however, then there is a short and also the wires must be replaced.

Things you have the right to do yourself

The number one thing you can do is clean the sunroof tracks, as dirt and debris can reason the sunroof to come to be stuck open. Friend can very quickly clean her sunroof monitor so debris doesn’t build up in the tracks, together if too much debris build up, this have the right to eventually damages the sunroof cables, which are very challenging (and expensive) to fix.

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Since we are not glass experts, us send leaking sunroofs to a companion who is a glass specialist. They room able to pinpoint leaks and also stop them before they get any type of worse.