picking a Wiccan surname is not just making one up. It have to be discovered, favor bones and also baskets on one archeological site.

The divine gave your true name to you at the moment you chose to concerned birth. It has been extended up through the years, but it is still there, waiting for you.

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And favor the old bones and also baskets, that holds great power and also beauty in ~ it.

So all you need to do is accessibility it. Favor Michelangelo, all you need to do is take away whatever doesn"t belong to you . . .

Masks and labels,

History and wounds,

Desires and also fears the you"ve gathered over the years

When you remove the dust and debris that ages, girlfriend will find your Wiccan surname shining there like a jewel in ~ you.

But this is only one method to selecting your Wiccan name.

Many Witches picking a Wiccan name that represents points that are spiritual to them, that accumulate them in some facet of life, or the represents your matron Goddess.

Journey v Sacred room

Ritual, spell-casting, prayer, and meditation are tools that assist you clear far the debris and also find yourself. These space the devices that will help you uncover your Wiccan name.

The procedure is the exact same as any type of magick . . .

Set a clean and solid intention to choose your Wiccan name

Send that spell/prayer right into the quantum realm

Open and permit the world to carry this desire to fruition

Attend to the signs and gifts you space given.

Offer your many thanks in return.

Pay fist

Journal every day around what friend experienced and felt and also noticed during the day. This practice of have fun is an extremely useful in finding your Witch name.

Pay certain attention come the unexpected, the synchronistic, the startling. What message did you obtain this day? now is the moment to notification them.

What signs were offered to convey this messages?

The divine will definitely send you ideas of her Wiccan name, yet if friend don"t take the time to an alert what you"ve seen, it"ll go right past you. In fact, She has been all along, and you just haven"t noticed yet.

A person with a stuffed-up head can"t smell the flowers right in front of them. You need to clear part inner space, therefore the message can gain through.

This is whereby meditation is exceptionally useful. Clearing the mind, you deserve to perceive what is in former of her nose.

where To uncover Your True surname

True names may come from any kind of source.

Commonly, as incentive for selecting a Wiccan name, witches usage things like . . .

Plants, such as iris, sage, rowan

Elements, such as wind, rain, river, mountain, moon, star, forest

Gems, such as topaz, ruby

Animals, such as wolf, raven

Goddesses and Gods, such together Tara, Brighid, Artemis, Mary, Pan

Gifts, such as singer, dancer, weaver

But something can carry out you with your Wiccan name.

If you have special gifts, they may affect your true name. (Sometimes the surname points to a gift you might not yet realise girlfriend have! the was certainly my experience.)

You might look for symbols of points that you resonate with.

Witch tip Keep in mind that deities evolve end time, and also the oldest deities often have a lengthy list that sometimes-contradictory attributes.

This is especially the instance with Goddesses, as they have been reinterpreted and also molded through patriarchal agendas and perspectives.

.You have the right to research the an interpretation of names and the names of deities. You can even get principles from baby names books.

But in the end, choosing your Wiccan surname doesn"t involve her brain. That"s been kept out that the secret.

A Witch have the right to name herself, however it is yes, really a recognition of something she already has. A magickal name have to come native the Divine, and be recognised in her heart.

Well, ns Guess You deserve to Make One up

You weren"t going come let me obtain away with informing you what you can and can"t do, were you?

Of food you have the right to choose any Wiccan name you want. Girlfriend can speak to yourself Stinky McPheeblefossy if you want to. (It does have a quite ring to it.)

The suggest I"m trying to do here, though, is that a name the rings of her truest significance will it is in a surname of strength for you.

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It will certainly be one you have the right to aim come live up to, because that the remainder of your life.