Hi everyone this day is going to be a fun day. Okay, really educational. Okay, we"re going to discover the proper method to eat a pixie stick. Okay, i"m walking to show you some do"s and don"ts about eating pixie sticks take it a an excellent purple cookie sorry around that let"s take it a good purple pixie stick. This is the wrong means you recognize live this means the record to touch the saliva in her mouth and nasty ingredient mmm and also can get the record all wet.

Then as soon as you"re sliding it down to right into your mouth the sugar the pixie dust the sticks to it.

What space you going to eat nothing ok let"s proceed the bad way to carry out it another much better way is if you want prefer that as well then rip off whereby there"s no pixie dust pleasure just poor for a few reasons what if as soon as you background it and it got sticky and also it obtained sticky and also the dust grounding on it what if there to be still pixie dust in over there you"re absent out ~ above a lot of of an excellent flavored sugar climate you gained this stubby small thing hey you rip it appropriate with a street or inserts you start to pointer it the littlest bit and also then all the street can autumn out what space you gonna and also then you acquired crappy certain pixie crap v purple type of pretty color but still on your lap and also you"re like crop right it appropriate I"m simply going to end up it off good stuff prefer an elephant one no let"s gain some range how about a red one best oh yes if you"re not supposed to be eating Pixy Stix don"t put the don"t v the wrappers and you everyday garbage choose this one I"m the town hall you but I"m saying if you"re not enabled to it is in no don"t put them in your regular garbage then you recognize your parental come up and you"re like among those in there you favor it yeah i was eat Dixie 6 no ns what i told you not to eat Pixy Stix yeah i did it anyway, and they"re choose you"re grounded because that a main you"re favor yeah but they will have the ability to make youtube videos and also then they"re like that reminds me give me your video camera no jordan 13 builder instead put the wrappers in her pocket for later on to chuck them right into the street you acquired an open window remember the window and shove them in their son Malcolm yes anyway, or do the washing up them under the toilet that always nice i asked me um. Every right, an excellent good means to eat a dick tease for a an excellent sized amount of dust right into your hand currently you don"t want to do it this step start licking that off her head kind of that get you come eat hand with little bits of street stick come it then later when girlfriend go prefer like hug your mother or something come on shake hands somebody and then they"re choose finds her head all difficult oh don"t wanna carry out that instead you what in her mouth I obtained Pasquale well probably not because I just gained pixie dust all over me crap crap now this video is gonna suck actually simply don"t eat choose these advice no acquired it obtain all the pixie dust friend can and put the a funnel girlfriend just have the right to you throw have actually a fun through me well ns light present you crap I"m gonna perform a really bad day with a damaged doll. This is ben do"s and also don"ts of university six see you next time.

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