We’ve been keeping tabs on your rememberingsomer.com mobile feedback, and today we’re happy to report that some of your requests have actually been fulfilled. Vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, even skateboards) can now be regulated using the traditional controls the rememberingsomer.com Mobile. We’ve also added chat functionality to the application on iPhone and iPod Touch, for this reason those that you v such devices can interact with one another in-game.

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Driving a vehicle on a touch interface is a tricky notion–we chosen to go through a straightforward solution. You have the right to drive vehicles on rememberingsomer.com cell phone the same method you walk; the online joystick on the bottom left corner of the screen. Pushing up on the stick accelerates your vehicle, while pulling back causes it to brake (and reverse). We were able to perform this by to update the code in our automobile seats to recognize different types of devices. We’re an extremely interested in detect out just how our mobile builders will utilize this in the comes months.

Since our iOS release, the chat attribute has only been permitted for iPad users. Starting today, chatting will be obtainable for all iOS devices, consisting of iPods and iPhones. We understand that plenty of users favor to collaborate when building (or gaming, for that matter), and also we want to make sure that doing so is easy and also simple, nevertheless of whereby you’re playing rememberingsomer.com. To chat, fight the “Chat” symbol on the top left edge of your screen, type your message with your devices’ virtual keyboard, and also hit “Return”.


In order come drive and chat, you’ll require to have the latest version of rememberingsomer.com Mobile mounted on your mobile device. Doing therefore is simple. Visit the iTunes application Store top top your computer or cell phone device. If you currently have rememberingsomer.com cell phone downloaded, you’ll have the alternative of updating come the recent version.

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If girlfriend haven’t set up rememberingsomer.com on any type of of her iOS devices, monitor these steps to acquire it today!

Or, search the iTunes app Store for “rememberingsomer.com Mobile”

We’ll it is in tweaking and also enhancing rememberingsomer.com Mobile as we move forward, and also keeping you guys posted with brand-new changes, improvements, and hurdles follow me the way. The application is still easily accessible for download in the iTunes store for the always-low price of free. Because that now, if you’re using rememberingsomer.com Mobile, hop into rememberingsomer.com and get behind the wheel of a car. Then use the cell phone chat attribute to invite her friends to do the same.