All good things come in threes. You’ll know this if you choose up super Mario 3D All-Stars, which attributes three the Mario’s greatest ever before games (though the consists of supervisor Mario Galaxy 2 i will not ~ hurt), yet it also applies to among the plumber’s most flashiest moves in super Mario 64.

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The Triple Jump might be the most fun move to carry out within Mario’s moveset, and it’s a great way to do Mario come leap good heights. Here are a couple of tips to help you perfect her Triple run in at sight Mario 64.

How to do the Triple Jump


To pull turn off a Triple Jump, you must make Mario operation and, while collection momentum, jump 3 times in a row. You need to time it just right by hitting the A or B button just together Mario lands from every jump. You’ll know if girlfriend did that correctly, together Mario will front-flip and also yell one of two people “Yahoo!”, “Yippee!”, or “Wa-hah!” upon the third consecutive jump.

If you nothing move automatically after performing a effective Triple Jump, Mario will also cheer and also strike a pose!

What is the Triple jump for?

There are couple of instances as soon as the Triple jump is compelled to development in supervisor Mario 64, however it is an easy way to reach high platforms. Girlfriend can additionally utilize Mario’s other moves in ~ the apex that the third jump, diving forwards or utilizing the floor Pound. With the wing Cap, Mario can also take flight upon the third jump.

What is the one-of-a-kind version the the Triple Jump?

Once you have built up all 120 strength Stars, you will certainly unlock the cannon in Peach’s Castle’s courtyard. You deserve to use this to launch Mario come the roof the the castle, where you have the right to speak come Yoshi.

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After conversing through Mario’s dino buddy, Mario will certainly be gifted through a special version of the Triple Jump. Mario will end up being invincible throughout his 3rd jump, no longer taking damage from severe drops or opponent attacks!

Triple run appearances in various other Mario games

This is yet one more move you can use throughout all three gamings in the supervisor Mario 3D All-Stars collection! The Triple Jump has actually become an additional staple in Mario’s moveset due to the fact that Super Mario 64, and has even showed up in several of Mario’s 2D adventures, such as new Super Mario Bros. U and also Super Mario Maker.

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