Anti-theft systems deserve to be fidgety, and also the Ford Mustang is no exception. These gadgets have probably saved millions of cars from gift stolen — however made just as many civilization late for job-related as they tried to number out just how to revolve it off.

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How perform you disable the anti-theft system on a Ford Mustang?

It could be as an easy as unlocking the door through your an essential and not with the button, and then turning the car on. That might work. If not, there are some other options we’ll share below.


A Look at the Ford Mustang Anti-theft System

Ford Mustang anti-theft problems usually relate to 1999-2001 models. The modules in these cars are acquiring old now, and you’re going to have problems like disc solders coming loose and wiring walking bad. If that’s the case, a component might need replaced.

These anti-theft solution will move on when you revolve the auto off. The device will identify an unauthorized entrance or towing attempt and also disable the car from starting. Friend may have an alarm mechanism sound, together well. As Mustangs acquire older, these solution are an ext likely come misfire.

Turning her Anti-theft device off


Here’s the means it’s claimed to work:

Unlock her driver-side door with your an essential — not with a switch or far deviceGet input your crucial in the ignition and also turn the auto on without starting the engine

If your mechanism is still in good working condition, that should do it. However a 1999 Mustang is over twenty years old through this point. Her system might not be in great working condition.

If that’s the case, there space some various other things you deserve to try.

Roll up all the windowsUse the key, not the button, to lock the driver door indigenous the outside

If you drive a more recent model, there might be some other an approach required, like transforming the vital in the door and holding it because that thirty seconds or hitting the unlock button on the an essential fob. It’s a good idea to check out your hands-on whenever you get the chance so you’ll recognize in advance.

Driver-Discovered Fixes and Workarounds

The fixes discussed above don’t job-related for everyone, and we’ve seen nearly as countless solutions together there are people having this problem.

One driver uncovered that a difficulty with the an essential fob could be handled by rubbing the on the magnet inside the Mustang’s speakers. Plenty of ’90s Mustang owners have simply eliminated the totality system or replaced the ECU through non-Mustang parts.

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Some owners of newer models have even removed the sensor indigenous the crucial and left it within the auto to keep the system from activating in the first place. The seems favor nobody is more an innovative than a Mustang owner whose vehicle won’t start.