To build a best triangle when its hypotenuse and one side room given, stop follow the examples.

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attract a appropriate angled triangle at C in which abdominal = 7 cm and also BC = 5 cm.


Steps of Construction:

(i) draw BC = 5 cm.

(ii) make ∠ BCX = 90°.(iii) through B together centre and also radius 7 cm, cut off BA = 7 cm.(iv) sign up with AB.


Thus, ∆ alphabet is the required ∆.2. attract a ideal angled triangle at C in i m sorry XY = 7.5 cm and also YZ = 5.5 cm.


Steps the Construction:(i) draw YZ = 5.5 cm.(ii) do ∠ YZA = 90°.(iii) v Y together centre and also radius 7.5 cm, cut off XY = 7.5 cm.(iv) join XY.


Thus, ∆ XYZ is the required triangle.


Classification the Triangle.

Properties the Triangle.

Worksheet ~ above Triangle.

To construct a Triangle whose 3 Sides room given.

To construct a Triangle as soon as Two of its Sides and also the included Angles are given.

To construct a Triangle when Two of its Angles and also the included Side space given.

To build a right Triangle once its Hypotenuse and One Side are given.

Worksheet on construction of Triangles.


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