PEX has made plumbing less complicated over the years. The contents are simple for plumbers come use and abandon water services instantly for review. Perform not wait because that the adhesive joints to set. There room no open flames and no flux to eliminate from the system when you done. Because that these reasons, today, we lug you just how to connect Pex to a galvanized pipe.

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The options for connecting PEX pipes are numerous, and using PEX to expand an existing galvanized pipes system is no a problem. Because the versatility of PEX method there are fewer joints come connect, work are completed faster and also with much less chance that joints leaking. PEX resists warm loss and scale buildup common in metal piping.

PEX also has advantages over other species of products when it concerns cold. Because of the climate the their capacity to broaden rather than crack and also break freeze conditions. Besides, this great flexibility provides it feasible to minimize the results of water hammers, the noise the metals, piping slamming versus a home’s structure. New adaptable fittings and also brackets do PEX even easier to install.

There space two approaches for connecting PEX that carry out not call for a plumber’s license.

The press-fit method is ideal for rapid repairs and also requires no one-of-a-kind tools various other than a pipeline cutter.When scheduling a PEX plumbing project, it should be remembered that just brass fittings are approved for use subway or under the slab.

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How to connect PEX to Galvanized PipeHow to affix PEX come Galvanized Pipe: FAQs

How to connect PEX to Galvanized Pipe

A fitting because that every situation

A press-fit installation uses metal barbs to organize the tubing, in this case, PEX and Galvanized, against an O-ring seal. Fittings space sized according to the outside diameter of the tubing.

A clamp ring connection connects PEX to the existing metal tubing. The PEX tubing is crimped top top the male end, and also the female finish is welded or threaded right into the currently tubing. In situation you have a threadless coupling because that galvanized pipe, another type of procedure is necessary.

Threaded fittings are used to attach different PEX pipe lengths, produce a branch line, or include a valve.

Push-in fitting

Insert the support sleeve. This component prevents the PEX tubing from collapsing and also breaking the seal.Some suppliers integrate the assistance sleeve into the fitting.You may need the press to attach fittings because that galvanized pipe.

Insert PEX tubing

For a tight seal, make sure the PEX finish you want to affix has a directly cut, the pipe is clean, and there are no scratches on the external of the tubing.Compression fittings are wonderful tool.

Insert Galvanized Tubing

The tubing end does not need a support sleeve, but like PEX, the external must be clean and smooth.Finally, come ensure an airtight seal, push the parts to be put into the fitting completely.The copper crimping method is typically a bit tedious, yet it will be precious it.

Clamp ring connection

First, connect the adapter to the currently pipe.Whether the adapter installation is threaded ~ above the galvanized pipe or soldered to copper, attach to the currently pipe.Then, on slide the ring top top the PEX tubing and place the PEX over the adapter’s masculine end.Clamp the ring v a clamp.Insert the ring in the middle of the adapter’s male end and also tighten making use of stainless stole ratchet clamping ring crimping tools. Ratchet clamping tools are often really useful because that this.Proper placement ensures the the ring compresses the PEX tubing over the ribs for a tight connection.You might need to make use of a brass fitting.

In-Line Support

PEX tubing runs with common PEX to PEX in-line connections have to be sustained every 3 feet.

However, in ~ valve joints or bifurcations, where extr weight can put anxiety on the line, that is recipient to add a assistance clip beside the connection. In countless instances, friend can manipulate fit change adapters. Also, don’t forget to examine the tapered plastic compression.

Do I need to Replace mine Galvanized Pipes v PEX?

If you have galvanized piping in her hope, you must replace it v PEX. PEX tube is make of cross-linked (X) polyethylene (PE).

It is flexible, durable, and also high density. Reinstalling her indoor pipes system may seem overwhelming, however PEX is an affordable and also convenient option whose benefits much outweigh the hassle:

They contain no lead componentsLess likely to burst than various other pipesDo no corrodeUnaffected through acidic sewageResistant to chlorine and scale.

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