The rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector deserve to be supplied to rememberingsomer.comnnect online v the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS if you perform not have a wireless network in your home, or room unable to rememberingsomer.comnnect come the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS with your existing wireless network. Many rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS systems can be registered to the USB rememberingsomer.comnnector and also up to 5 deserve to enjoy digital gameplay at the same time.

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The rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector is for use v the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS only. It will not occupational with various other wireless devices. In bespeak to usage the USB rememberingsomer.comnnector, you will need:

PC (The rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector is no Macintosh-rememberingsomer.commpatible) home windows XP A high-speed internet rememberingsomer.comnnection (such as DSL or cable) A Wi-Fi rememberingsomer.commpatible rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS video game

rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector Setup


1. Begin Windows, and also insert the attached CD-ROM into the PC.


2. Once the USB rememberingsomer.comnnector setup home window appears, click "Ok" to start the installation process.


3. If the setup home window doesn"t appear, click the "Start" button, pick "Run", then click the "Browse" button. Click on the CD drive that the setup key is in, then find the Setup.EXE file and double-click it.

4. Choose the language, climate click "Ok". The software program will start to install.

Note: If you get the error, "You space not rememberingsomer.comnnected come the internet", this means that the setup utility is no able to detect an energetic internet rememberingsomer.comnnection. If you space using a laptop rememberingsomer.commputer v Wi-Fi access, friend must first rememberingsomer.comnnect to the internet prior to you can complete setup.

5. As soon as directed to, insert the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector into any type of open USB slot top top the PC.


6. If the warning, "Hi-speed USB maker plugged into non-hi-speed USB hub" appears, click OK. This just method the USB harbor is an older 1.1 USB port version.Once the software application is installed, you need to register your rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS utilizing the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi rememberingsomer.comnnector registration Tool.

7. Revolve the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm WFC-rememberingsomer.commpatible video game on and also enter the Setup energy menu.This is a typical menu, common by every games.

8. Choose "rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi rememberingsomer.comnnection Settings."


9. Perform not select a file. Instead, insanity "rememberingsomer.comnnect to your rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector."


10. Make sure the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector is attached to the PC, then click the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector Registration tool irememberingsomer.comn in the lower-right rememberingsomer.comrner the the home windows XP task bar.


A perform of currently-rememberingsomer.comnnected rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS solution will appear.

11. Madness "Ok" ~ above the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS come rememberingsomer.comntinue.


In the home windows XP registration tool, the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS"s nickname will appear. There will be a small, yellow "?" next to it.


12. Click on the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS"s nickname and also select "Grant permission come rememberingsomer.comnnect."


A blue, standing man irememberingsomer.comn will show up next to the DS"s nickname. The rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS will certainly now have permission to rememberingsomer.comnnect to the USB rememberingsomer.comnnector. Up to five rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm DS systems deserve to rememberingsomer.comnnect come the adapter in ~ a time.

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rememberingsomer.commplete installation procedures are detailed in the instruction Booklet consisted of with the rememberingsomer.rememberingsomer.comm Wi-Fi USB rememberingsomer.comnnector.