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1999Any products out over there to eliminate &/or prevent tarnish on nickel copper flatware?Pigeon Gibson- s springs, Mississippi^
1999A. Sorry, I"m no really familiar with that flatware, however I would think the commercial chrome polish would certainly be okay.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Aloharememberingsomer.com - jaw Beach, new Jersey^
2004Q. years ago, in my adventurous youth, I travelled in Thailand and brought house a nickel-bronze flatware set. I also have the polishing question. I"ve had actually one human being guess brass polish yet nothing definitive.Thanks in development for any help!Tom RankinJust a nickel-bronze owner - Kamloops, BC, Canada^
2005A. We"ve been using Stanley Copper & Brass polish from Stanley Home commodities for more than 25 years and haven"t to be able to uncover anything better. I think Stanley was bought the end by Fuller Brush Co. & lock now call it Brass & Copper Polish. Www.shponline.com This stuff has a nasty tasting additive to reduce chances of accidental ingestion, so you"ll want to make sure you wash the item completely after sprucing up if you intended to use for food or beverage. Does anyone recognize of other to protect against tarnish on copper or silver?John Myers- Waldorf, Maryland, USA^March 23, 2009A. us have had actually very great luck through Maas steel polish on our nickel bronze flatware. Great luck.Matthew Vanta- Dallas, Texas, USA^December 22, 2010

Q. does anyone have the prize to polishing the nickel-bronze flatware indigenous Thailand?

Kathy Wardcollector - Atlanta Georgia^December 22, 2010
Hi, Kathy. Go you happen to shot the Stanley polish the John suggested or the MAAS the Matthew recommended? In view of those answers, I"m not certain whether you are implying that you tried them and also they didn"t job-related or you just missed the suggestions. Thanks.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - jaw Beach, new Jersey^December 17, 2011

A. Crikey! Don"t put that goo on her edible surface - yuck. Just use salt blended with vinegar - wipe on or dunk the pieces into as a paste, wait a minute, then gently rub off with a soft cloth. The tone gets brighter as you add an ext vinegar come the salt. Personally, I like a darker look to bronze since the rustic character appeals come me and also my dining setting. Copper is a copper alloy. Test a spoon and also see if the organic, safe and also inexpensive salt/vinegar paste functions for you. If not, i imagine the copper contents in your set is fairly low, in ~ which point, I"d try Dirilyte polish or take it them into a pro.

A Zeleny- san Francisco, California, USA^December 29, 2011

A. use Wenol or brass remover through soft fabric rub almost everywhere the piece and also clean it with another soft cloth. The flatware will look prefer gold agin.

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Anthony Wong- Bangkok Thailand^

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Cleaning Dear yellow Flatware

2003Q. Hello,I was offered a an extremely special gift from my aunt - a collection of dear yellow flatware. I believe it is at least 50 year old and also needs to it is in cleaned. I recognize this is different from the present gold plated flatware. Execute you have any type of suggestions or references on clean this flatware?Thank friend for your help,Kate K - Chicago, Illinois, USA^
2003Q. to be there any responses come the original questions? I likewise have some old yellow flatware that requirements to be cleaned.

Lucille G - Lafayette, Indiana, USA^2005Q. I as well am interested in cleaning "gold" flatware. Mine flatware is dubbed darelite. No one seems to have actually heard of it. I would prefer to understand what web site I need to research come find any kind of information concerning this darelite flatware.Linda A - Austin, Texas^
2006Q. i too have Dirilite and also would prefer to recognize if you have had any kind of success locating a cleaning product.Ellie Stewart- Langley, B.C. Canada^2007Q. I have actually a collection of autumn Symphony gold flatware through Westminster USA. It"s very old and needs clean badly. Any kind of ideas?Jane AlexanderHomeowner - Aurora, Colorado, USA^

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Can dishwashered Dirilyte it is in fixed?2004Q. i have also inherited some lovely old Dirilyte, and after making use of it for a dinner party, it was placed in the dishwasher. It has turned a brassy gold, and I would love to obtain it ago to it"s soft light gold appearance.ThanksCandice Peterson- Hickory, phibìc Carolina^
2006Q. prefer Candice P, I have some old Dirilyte i beg your pardon I have to polish. My mommy used Bon Ami, which I have not watched on grocery store shelves because that years. If someone will make a ide to this admitted consumer, I will be most grateful.April Brownhobbyist - Napoleon, Ohio^2006A. Hello April. If you think that Bon Ami will do the job, that"s what you should use. Simply buy it on line or native a tiny store.The reason you don"t watch it top top supermarket shelves is not due to the fact that it isn"t made, but since "the system" changed. You"ve more than likely seen ads whereby supermarkets claim they make just a cent per dollar profit, implying that their profit comes from vast volume. Yet "It"s naive to assume that a organization can survive on a 1 percent margin," said an editor the a grocery store marketing magazine. Actually, supermarket chains fee "rent"/"slotting fees" for shelf space, and also inexpensive old-line assets sometimes can"t purchased the rent. Bon-Ami is readily available, cheap, indigenous this link.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine tree Beach, new Jersey^2007A. You can send Dirilyte back to the factory and also they will certainly buff it out and also put a new finish on it.Joyce Odom- Lake Wylie, south Carolina^February 24, 2009I have actually never placed my Dirilyte in the dishwasher, yet when it gets tarnished I usage the Dirilyte cleaner you deserve to buy from dirilyte.com I also useBrasso cleaner and also it functions well. If the set has the BP (Bonded Protectant) ~ above it, Brasso will not work. I uncovered a gentleman in Kokomo who refinishes pieces.Vicki Torres- El paso, Texas^

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How and who deserve to refurbish Dirilyte flatware2005Q. I have actually inherited Dirilyte flatware and also some serving pieces. The flatware, specifically the knives space dark and also scratched. Ns would prefer to have this set re - Dirilyted - if over there is such a process. My mother had actually this excellent once countless years ago. Ns would like to find a place that will execute this because that me. Is there a location in Florida whereby I can bring this? Is over there a location in the country (US ) where I have the right to send it? i am a homemaker and have no advertisement ties because that this information. Ns hope friend can aid me. You re welcome reply. Say thanks to you. This is most crucial to me and my family. Geraldine B - phibìc Port, Florida, USA^^- Sorry, this RFQ is outdatedView present RFQsJuly 27, 2008Q. Ns would also like to recognize if over there is a cleaning product that will take the tarnish off of my Dirilyte flatware. I inherited it as soon as my mom died and also I usage it. She polished it, however I have no idea what form of polish she used. Also, is over there a Dirilyte website that could have polish? thank you.Kathy Johnson- Wilsonville, Oregon^
October 2013A. Hi. Yes there is a Dirilyte website in ~ www.dirilyte.com, and it sell polish.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine tree Beach, new Jersey^

Need coating of a collection of Dirilyte

April 14, 2010Q. I have actually a set of 12 place settings the Dirilyte, and also it requirements to be coated. Almost everywhere I deserve to have this done?Carol Blase- Carrollton, Texas^^- Sorry, this RFQ is outdatedView present RFQsbannerURL = new Array("../php/globalmfclick.php?cstu=3311","../php/hillcrossclick.php?cstu=6611","../php/ihcclick.php?cstu=6611","../php/ipsclick.php?cstu=3311")bannerImages = new Array("../shops/globalmf/globalmfbanner.png","../shops/hillcross/hillcrossNiBoron.png","../shops/ihc/ihcbanner.png","../shops/ips/ipsbanner.jpg")bannerWidth = brand-new Array("200px","200px","220px","200px")bannerText = brand-new Array("Aluminum rememberingsomer.com company built on verity & accountability: global Metal rememberingsomer.com ","Experts in Electroless Nickel Plating, consisting of Nickel-Boron: Hill-Cross ","ISO 9002 & QS 9000 certified, NADCAP accredited, value included services in precision masking, machining/grinding & sub-assembly: IHC ","State-of-the-art 250,000 sq.ft. Facility, 600+ employees, minutes from the border in Baja California: IPS")imgCt=bannerImages.lengthfunction chooseGif()randomNum=Math.floor ((Math.random()*imgCt));document.getElementById("imageForBannerAd").src = bannerImages;document.getElementById("imageForBannerAd").style.width = bannerWidth;document.getElementById("textForBannerAd").innerHTML = bannerText;function linkTheLink () document.location.href = bannerURL

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