You have the right to view grades, course information, teacher email, assignments and GPA/class location in Skyward"s Gradebook.

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How to access gradebook information in Skyward (PDF)

How to access gradebook information in Skyward - Spanish (PDF)

Access the gradebook

In order to watch the gradebook, you require a Skyward Family access account.

Log into your Skyward Family access Account.If an ext than one college student is associated with the account, click the down arrow next to every Students and also select a particular student. The Gradebook will not open if "All Students" is selected.Once a student is selected, click the Gradebook button.

Gradebook features

See listed below for details around the information available in Skyward Gradebook.

Class information

Click top top the course surname to screen detailed class information together as:

Department, section and also subjectCourse length and creditsCurriculum and also course great levelTeacher, room number and class periodStart date, end date and also the day(s) and also time(s) the food meets


Teacher contact

Click on the teacher surname to screen the teacher’s Garland ISD email address.



There space two various ways friend can discover out i m sorry assignments were provided to calculation the course grade.

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To gain the most detail, click on a specific grade. This will display a perform of assignments with information including:

due dategrade, score percentage and points earnedassignment classification (class work, homework, participation, tests)


To see fewer details, click the down arrow next to food name. This will display screen a list of assignments with information about due date and assignment grade.


Assignment details

Click a specific assignment name to screen assignment details together as:

assignment category (classwork, homework, participation, tests)date assigned and due datemax points and also weightgrade, score percentage and points earned


Display options

Click on the Display alternatives link to collection screen choices such as:

Show subjectsShow skillsShow assignments

You can additionally choose which qualities to display:

all gradescurrent qualities onlyprevious and also current qualities only

GPA/Class Rank

Click the GPA/Class Rank attach to display screen details that the last course rank including:

GPA typeCumulative GPACumulative deserve credits and failed creditsRank and rank date