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Halo top can range from the ridiculous to the essential. This chapter contains a sampling of some of the most useful and also some that the most entertaining tricks. The difference in between these hacks and the persons in thing 5, is that these space not generally considered to it is in problems—they room simply exciting ways to connect with the halo 2 universe. For more information around Halo tricks, watch http://www.highimpacthalo.org and http://halo.bungie.org.

Switch between vertical and also horizontal separation screen mode.

Some human being find the separation screen display to be disorienting. If this is a difficulty for you, you might want to shot altering the presentation mode. The multiplayer separation screen kind is determined by the video clip settings ~ above the Xbox dashboard. To adjust this setting, start your Xbox there is no a DVD in the drive. From the key menu, choose Settings and then Video. Because that horizontal separation screen, the Xbox need to be in normal mode (see figure 4-1). Because that vertical break-up screen, the Xbox should be in widescreen setting (see figure 4-2).

Try both settings and also see which works finest for your television or display. The reason that the widescreen setup controls the orientation of the split screen is the most people with vast screens choose the upright split. However, friend can try it out and also decide for yourself.


Figure 4-1. Horizontal split

Figure 4-2. Vertical split

Revert come Multiple Checkpoints

Move backward v the level.

In the single-player campaign options, halo 2 allows players come revert to the critical checkpoint (see number 4-3).


Figure 4-3. The revert to previous checkpoint option

However, by repetitively committing suicide, you can force yourself ago through more than one checkpoint. You’ll know if friend were effective simply since you’ll start further ago than friend would utilizing the Revert to last Checkpoint option.

It is likely that this behavior is expected to conserve someone from being stuck in ~ a suggest where the is constantly being defeated, however the feature can it is in manipulated such that players have the right to move back through extra checkpoints.

Standing on a grenade or sticking a grenade to her foot is constantly a great way to easily frag you yourself (see number 4-4).


Figure 4-4. Standing ~ above a grenade can acquire you the end of a jam

Note that you won’t be able to move ago through major loading clues or levels. In addition, this trick doesn’t constantly work—I’ve viewed it fail once and also it regularly works for only one extra checkpoint. Also with this limitations, it deserve to be incredibly useful. Because that example, when exploring maps, you might want come go earlier through checkpoints come cover the exact same ground more than once.

Get out of Outskirts

Get onto the rooftops and also circumvent Sniper Alley.

This level is interesting because the rooftops enable for a great deal that movement. By moving above this urban level, friend can uncover skulls, skip battles, and also move roughly the level quickly. There room many options for acquiring onto the suburbs rooftops.


numbers 4-5, 4-6, 4-7, 4-8 v 4-9 usage a two-player break-up screen to demonstrate the action.

One method is to usage the awnings in Sniper Alley (see figures 4-5 and 4-6).


Figure 4-5. Using the awning come get over Outskirts
Figure 4-6. Across the gap just like the IWHBYD skull

However, an simpler option is to use a grenade jump ideal at the start of the level. The very first doorway in the level offers you accessibility to the roof. This is the same technique that is used to uncover the blind skull .

The an initial step is to crouch run onto a light fixture; then one more crouch jump gets you top top the roof (see number 4-7).

Once you have actually made it come the roof, rotate around and also jump across to the surrounding roof (see number 4-8).

From this area, you can quickly grenade jump come the following level and also get free reign around the map (see figure 4-9).

If you desire to skip Sniper Alley, you deserve to simply run throughout the roofs and also then under to the Zanzibar hotel. Have fun exploring!

Figure 4-7. Crouch jumping top top the light fixture
Figure 4-8. Crouch jump end the surrounding building
Figure 4-9. Grenade jumping top top the roof

Get above Delta Halo

The finest views in the game.

The Delta gloriole level provides some that the ideal views that I have seen in Halo. Making use of this hack is likewise a great way to rate up the process of obtaining the Envy skull .

Right at the beginning of the level, take the end a pair of turrets and also then head for the rock overhang. All you have to do is run up the hill and go under the rock overhang—the ledge will be right in former of friend (see number 4-10).

Figure 4-10. The reticle is on the starting ledge

Once top top the various other side, you will be able to jump up the next of the cliff and also get over the map (see figures 4-11 and also 4-12).

Figure 4-11. Running increase the ledge
Figure 4-12. Hopping increase the cliff

Once you are over the map, girlfriend can select to skip some fights or simply enjoy the check out (see figure 4-13). Making it to the top of the map will offer you a true appreciation because that the vast Delta aur level.

Figure 4-13. An superior panorama

Get out of interment Mounds

Go over the map and snipe her friends.

Burial Mounds is just one of the most interesting maps because that multiplayer sword–flying. However, Bungie has fixed the multiplayer knife glitch through an upgrade that to be sent automatically over Xbox Live. Unless you have an Xbox that has actually not associated to Xbox Live, friend won’t be able to use the multiplayer sword-flying cheat without an initial deleting the update.

Even if you can’t usage the sword-flying glitch, you will have the ability to get on optimal of the cliff the contrary the base next of the level. Sniping from this cliff have the right to be fun. To perform this, you simply need come grab a Ghost and also ride your means up the next of the map (see number 4-14).

Figure 4-14. Using a Ghost to get above the map

Once you space at the top, jump the end of the Ghost and also you’ll have the ability to walk along the next of the map (see figure 4-15)

Figure 4-15. Jump out of the Ghost as soon as you obtain to the top

This exact same trick deserve to be used near the Blue flag. Again, usage a Ghost to journey up the side of the cliff and then run out. This one is a little bit trickier because you will have to start on the left (to gain the Ghost come climb) and then do your means to the appropriate (see figure 4-16).

Now that you’re on top of the map, you have the right to snipe to her heart’s content (see number 4-17)

Figure 4-16. Start close come this camera and also then boost to the right
Figure 4-17. On optimal of the other side

Jump out of Foundation

Explore the roof the the foundation map.

There space a few ways to gain onto the roof the the structure level. Mine favorite entails using a pallet and also a grenade run . This move permits you to acquire onto among the roof’s supports.

First, you require to relocate the pallet into position (see figure 4-18)—you have the right to use grenades, pushing, and also melees to relocate the pallet right into place. The area just external the structure rooms is perfect for placing the pallet. Just push it as much as the wall opposite the doorway (i.e., versus the one through the numbers). Then use a grenade to blow it right into the air and catch it against the wall surface behind you.

While the pallet is flying, simply earlier up and you will trap the pallet versus the wall with your ago (see figure 4-19). As soon as you have actually the pallet in place, you deserve to crouch run come the ledge over the doorway (see number 4-20).

Figure 4-18. The pallet leaving the ground
Figure 4-19. After punch the pallet in place
Figure 4-20. Jumping from the pallet to the optimal ledge

Once you have actually made it onto the assistance pillar, you have the right to then grenade (or rocket) run up to the peak of the roof (see figure 4-21). This technique will enable you to move to the center of the roof (see figure 4-22).

Figure 4-21. Standing ~ above the support pillar
Figure 4-22. Standing at the peak of Foundation

Another an approach for getting onto the structure roof is to usage the pan room. Once again, you should enlist the assist of a pallet. The hardest component of this maneuver is obtaining the pallet right into place. As soon as you are ready, grenade jump to the ledge listed below the fan and then use an additional grenade run to gain up come the roof (see numbers 4-23, 4-24, and also 4-25).

Getting on peak of foundation using the pan room doesn’t allow you to run to the optimal of the roof. However, you have the right to move roughly the outside of the map. In addition, you have the right to have some funny walking in midair—an invisible wall prevents girlfriend from fall down into the map (see number 4-26).

Figure 4-23. Using the pan room to obtain out
Figure 4-24. The grenade run to the basic of the fan
Figure 4-25. The grenade run to the optimal of the fan
Figure 4-26. Standing ~ above the invisible wall

Get on top of Lockout

Get come the can be fried Lockout sniper perch.

Lockout is a tiny map so that doesn’t sell the same sort of alternatives as a level favor Outskirts. Having actually said this, there room some interesting jumping top that can be performed on Lockout. For example, the is feasible to grenade jump to the optimal of the Lockout sniper tower. Once over the map, you’ll be able to cover a good deal that the map v a rifle.

Drop a grenade and jump increase come a little ledge that sticks the end from the next of the sniper tower (see figures 4-27, 4-28, and also 4-29). This tiny ledge supports a large aerial antenna—maybe the Forerunners enjoyed FM?

Figure 4-27. The very first grenade jump setup
Figure 4-28. Bad timing
Figure 4-29. Good timing with a frag grenade

After you have actually made it come the aerial platform, friend will should use another grenade run to make it come the roof that the tower (see figures 4-30 and 4-31).

Figure 4-30. The second grenade jump
Figure 4-31. The check out from up top

It’s a challenging jump, but once you are on peak of Lockout, no one will have the ability to compete v your Sniper Rifle.

Get on top of Zanzibar

Get on optimal of the Zanzibar base.

Although Zanzibar doesn’t sell the scenic panorama of Delta aur , there are some alternatives for acquiring to the upper areas of the level. Among the amazing ones is jumping come the optimal of the Zanzibar base.

To carry out this maneuver, run approximately the optimal of the base stairs. Girlfriend will watch a ledge over the staircase. Hop top top the ledge and also face away from her landing point. Currently drop a sticky grenade at her feet as you run backward. You’ll should use a crouch jump with some backward momentum (see figure 4-32).

Figure 4-32. Clearing the roof

Once above the base, you will do it be totally free to relocate around and even jump right into the device (see number 4-33). Just remember the you’re still a good target because that snipers if you’re up there.

Figure 4-33. Still vulnerable

Warthog Trampoline

Use the Warthog come blast yourself into the air.

This trick permits you to usage the Warthog come toss yourself into the air. Due to the fact that Bungie has fixed the multiplayer sword-flying glitch, this technique is seen as the new means to get altitude on the multiplayer maps.

The best means to carry out this is to have actually two people and also at the very least three players in the game. One player simply needs to sit in the Warthog, so no one requirements to control his movement. The factor for having someone in the Warthog is that the jeep deserve to withstand an ext damage if someone is in reality in it.

One player need to jump onto the back of the Warthog—but don’t actually board the vehicle. When you are ready, have your friend litter a grenade under the Warthog’s bumper (under the gunner seat). It’s best to aim for a little area that slants downward—this reasons the grenade come bounce simply right (see number 4-34).

Right before the grenade explodes, crouch run right into the waiting (see figure 4-35).

The combination of the grenade explosion and also the Warthog flipping will certainly launch girlfriend high into the wait (see number 4-36).

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This is at this time the ideal known technique for high-jumping at any kind of arbitrary point on a multiplayer map.