What to personalize your IMVU account by placing your picture on the profile?

Fear not we gained you. We have provided down some straightforward to follow procedures for her assistance together with visual aid to assist you navigate how to change your profile picture on IMVU.

IMUV lets you change profile photos without much of a hassle. Monitor the stated steps down listed below to learn exactly how to change the profile picture.

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How to readjust Profile picture on IMVU action by action Guide

Go to IMVU webpage and also create your IMVU account by complying with through v the short article written on it.

Now complying with the listed below step and readjust your profile image on imvu

1. Log in to your account by click on ‘LOG IN’ and also entering her registered email deal with and password in the given an are pointed by the arrow.


Password: if you have actually forgotten her password and can’t mental it for the life that it. Don’t panic and also follow our step by step guided write-up on ‘How to readjust IMVU password’

2. ~ above the home page, go to file by click on the ‘Edit Profile’ icon v your avatar’s image point by the arrowhead for intuitive reference.


Edit file will direct you towards modifying your file picture.

3. It will certainly take you come ‘Profile Edit’ There click ‘Change file image’ pointed through the arrowhead to do the necessary alteration to her profile image.


Here top top ‘Change file Image,’ you can pick the image you wanted to readjust your file image.

4. That will direct you to select the picture of your preference. Click the picture like displayed in the picture.


Note: In the files, find the photo of your choice and click it. Then tap on open to set the image in the given area appropriately

5. It will certainly take you back to your profile, where you can adjust the photo according come space. As soon as done click save changes and it’s done.


Note: If the photo you have pick is that a smaller sized scale, then zoom in using the ‘Magnifying glass’ in the corner to collection in perfect in the circular space

You can likewise zoom out if the picture is very pixilated to make it look much away rather than on your challenge

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How to readjust Profile picture on IMVU Mobile

Customizing your profile picture according to her liking on cell phone is just as basic as top top the desktop.

Here room six measures on how to readjust profile picture on IMVU.

1. Login to your account, if you room not logged in already.


2. When on the home page, go to profile.


3. ~ above the file page, click on Edit.


4. Click the adjust profile icon in the edit profile.


5. It will provide you two alternatives either ‘Take photo’ or ‘Choose Existing.’ click on anyone.


6. Click ‘Done’ after choosing the picture.


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1. Exactly how to upload my picture to IMVU?

Go come Feed and click on the ‘Photos’ that will direct you. Also, You have the right to follow the above method to upload your snapshot on imvu

2. Exactly how to readjust my avatar picture?

You can readjust your IMVU avatar on your mobile and desktop computer by complying with the exact same three steps and then click on readjust profile look.

3. Exactly how to include text on my IMVU account?

Go to her feed in your profile and also select ‘Text’ to write and also share through others.

4. Just how to save images from IMVU account?

Go to the photo on the feeding you desire to save and right-click to choose the ‘save together image’ option.

5. How to readjust the avatar on the desktop?

Go to ‘INVENTORY’ and also then go to Avatars to choose your avatar and then click on three dots to change the outfits from the shop accordingly.

6. Just how to adjust IMVU file picture?

Go to ‘Profile’ and click on ‘Edit profile Picture.’ Then choose the image of your selection and set it according to the an are provided.

You can additionally follow v with the measures mentioned above for your far better understand.

7.How to edit the IMVU profile picture?

You deserve to zoom in/out your photo using the tools on the left side.

For much better understanding refer to our in-detail short article up here.

8.How to adjust your profile picture on IMVU ?

We have addressed step by step over how to change profile image, so follow v those actions for her help.

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9.How to modify IMVU picture ?

You can adjust the dimension of the image by utilizing the tools provided on the left side of the profile.

How to adjust my avatar snapshot ?

In the profile, walk to change the profile picture of your avatar by clicking edit and also picking the photo you desire to replace it with.

For her reference, we have actually written in basic to follow language and also used photos to visually straight you and also above.