Dixon manufactures lawn equipment including push and also riding style lawn tractors. The Dixon model 3362 is a gasoline-powered riding style lawn tractor that. Dixon speak mowers require constant upkeep in order to preserve peak running performance. This maintenance has checking and an altering the oil, greasing the fittings and also sharpening the mower"s chisels regularly. It also includes checking the journey belt tension, which calls for tightening if too loose.

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Lift the engine cover and prop it in the upright position.

Grip the spark plug boot with a pair the pliers and also pull it free from the spark plug top.

Dixon manufactures lawn tools including push and riding style lawn tractors. It likewise includes check the journey belt tension, which needs tightening if too loose.

Locate the 2 wheel pulleys that the drive belt runs through. A bolt stop the left pulley-block in place and it can slide ago and forth to adjust the belt tension. Wedge the long-handled screwdriver versus this wheel pulley. Place the socket over the stress bolt and loosen the by turning it to the left.

Push forward through the screwdriver versus the sheave to rise the belt tension. When it reaches the desired location, tighten the stress and anxiety bolt through the socket.

Replace the spark plug boot over the plug.

find the 2 wheel pulleys that the drive belt operation through. Location the socket over the stress bolt and loosen that by turning it come the left.

Put A Belt on A Dixon Ztr 427 Mower

Lower the mower deck to its shortest position. The various other two pulleys are located near every side that the deck. Route the belt about the exterior -- the side toward the external edge that the mower deck -- of each pulley. That is the just movable pulley on the deck. No mediate is necessary since the serpentine idler spring (part number 6065), located on the idler pulley, adjusts the belt come the correct tension. Install the mower journey belt (part number 6111) by routing it approximately the peak pulley (part number 6032) top top the twin pulley close to the former of the mower deck. Large the belt toward the rear of the tractor close to the engine. Route the belt on come the within of the idler pulley. The system is self-adjusting; no hands-on adjustment is needed.

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lower the mower deck to its shortest position. Download the mower drive belt (part number 6111) by routing it roughly the height pulley (part number 6032) ~ above the double pulley close to the front of the mower deck.

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