A wrist fracture is essentially the very same thing together a damaged wrist, and let’s face it, if you break her wrist, it’s most likely going to an outcome in plenty of pain. Depending on the severity the the break, various treatments might be recommended, yet how carry out you understand if that a fracture and not just a sprain?

Common reasons of a Wrist Fracture

Most people break their radius bone, which is one of the two key bones in the forearm the is connected to 8 smaller bones. Common reasons of a wrist fracture or break include the following:


Attempting to stop a autumn using your outstretched arm and handFalling turn off a cycle or ladderCar or motorcycle accidentFalling ~ above the icePlaying sportsOsteoporosis

If her wrist is swollen and painful, the is finest to consult v Carrollton Orthopaedic Clinic for a diagnosis. If girlfriend wait too long and simply ice cream it and keep the elevated, girlfriend could cause even more damage. It’s far better to have actually the proper tests completed to understand what you space dealing with, as treatment will be really different because that a damaged wrist compared to one that is simply sprained.

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Signs and also Symptoms that a Wrist Fracture

Expect there to be swelling and pain through a damaged wrist. Sometimes there is an obvious deformity or misalignment, yet other times the wrist might look regular aside indigenous mild swelling. The is always best to see a specialist for a suitable diagnosis and an X-ray.

You may have an obstacle using her hands or wrist in addition to numbness and tingling in the fingers. There might be pain as you try to relocate your fingers, especially when trying to grip one object. Bruising is additionally a very common symptom connected with wrist fractures.

If the skin is damaged with the bone protruding, this is most definitely a wrist fracture.

Types that Fractures

A non-displaced break is one in which the bone has actually not relocated out that place.

A displaced rest is more serious, and must be effectively realigned, which generally involves surgery of the wrist.

The many severe form of rest is one in i beg your pardon the bones have actually shattered, making lock unstable. Surgical procedure is required.

An open fracture is once the bone protrudes with the skin and there is a threat of infection in the bone.

Treatments because that a fracture the the wrist encompass use the a splint, a cast, or surgery.

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Call Carrollton Orthopaedic Clinic immediately at (770) 834-0873 if friend think you might have broken your wrist. Delaying treatment can result in lessened grip strength, decreased variety of motion, and poor healing.