Aaar! It be official. The happy thirteenth island for Poptropica, additionally known as Skullduggery Island has arrived for everyone in Poptropica come play. If yer longin’ for high seas adventure, acquire yerself come Poptropica now! What follows are every the advice you be needin’ to learn how to win Skullduggery Island, uncover out all the cheats and also secrets, and have a great time play this new adventure.

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Skullduggery Island is about pirates. You get your very own ship, assemble a crew and try to construct wealth through trade at different ports. You’ll also assist the island remove a pirate nuisance, led through the dangerous and dastardly pirate, Captain Crawfish. This brand-new island will certainly be more complicated than previous Poptropica pursuits and amongst lots of other things it will include a an extremely cool top-down watch as you travel from place to place. And to save it interesting, you’ll have to fight various other pirate ships and also even sea monsters.

The adventure begins at fort Ridley, one island in the center of a tiny archipelago that has been ransacked by the infamous pirate, Captain Crawfish. As soon as you arrive on the island, you will require to aid the islanders, who room living in extreme poverty due to Crawfish’s plundering. After ~ you help the islanders, you’ll discover the legend of a beneficial treasure map. Soon, you’ll get your very own ship and a little crew and set sail to uncover the pieces of the map and ultimately shot to defeat Captain Crawfish and also his crew the dastardly pirates.


Arrival at fort Ridley top top Skullduggery Island

Fort Ridley Walkthrough

The an initial part that the Skullduggery Island search is to help the civilization out at fort Ridley. Here’s a video clip walkthrough of all the cheats and secrets for ft Ridley. After ~ you resolve this part of the quest, you’ll obtain your very own ship and also start cruising from port to port.

Getting the Map Pieces

In part two that the video walkthrough for Skullduggery, you’ll embark on her high seas adventure. At first, it’s simply you and also two crew members plank a dinky tiny raft. You’ll walk from port to port trying to find the lacking pieces that the sweetheart map and trading products to make more money along the way. Check out this video clip to see how to uncover the map pieces in the first four islands you visit: Bouffant Bay, Parrot Port, golden Harbor and the dark and mysterious Pirate Cove.

Build your Crew, battle Captain Crawfish and Find the Treasure!

In part three that the video clip walkthrough, you’ll complete the map, knife doubloons to buy enlarge ships and even fight Captain Crawfish. Finally, through the completed map, you’ll uncover the significant treasure that Skullduggery Island!

Here’s a trailer that shows a preview of every the action!

Don’t forget come check back here ~ above Thursday, may 20 because that the Poptropica Skullduggery Island walkthrough, and all the secrets, tips and also cheats because that Skullduggery Island. Aaaar, me mateys! we cannot wait!

While friend be waiting for the brand-new island come arrive, here’s a few things to take a gander at.

Want to discover a small more? Here’s what the Poptropica Creators stated in the email announcement the the island:

Embark top top a brand-new adventure to conserve Skullduggery Island from the angry Captain Crawfish. When a prospering port, the island is in ~ the mercy that pirates who steal that is goods and also prevent merchants from trade there. In bespeak to regain the island, you and your crew will need to defeat the pirates and also assemble the pieces of a concealed treasure map.

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