When you room driving ~ the sun goes down, the last point you want is for her headlights to blind oncoming web traffic -- or signal aliens from an additional galaxy. Sure, you might not mind a visit from her interstellar counterpart, yet at least have actually a tiny courtesy because that your fellow driver and adjust your headlight beams. Her Tacoma -- regardless of design year -- has actually a set of adjusters on every headlight assembly to help you extend that courtesy.

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Finding the best Location

The hardest component of adjusting the headlights on your Tacoma is setting everything up an initial so that you have the right to properly change them. Come start, discover a level parking area that has actually a building or wall that you’ll have the ability to access. You require to be able to park 25 feet away from the wall and have an uninterrupted heat of vision to the wall.


In the following steps, girlfriend will note the wall surface with chalk. Make certain you have the residential or commercial property owner’s permission to temporarily mark the wall before proceeding.

Take measurements.

Pull approximately the wall and straighten the end your former tires. Take a look at her headlight lenses and find the aiming nipple the is straight in prior of the headlight bulbs. Measure up the distance between the ground and the center of the nipple. Measure up the distance in between the center aiming nipple on the left and also right headlights.

Mark the wall.

Make two 2-inch round circles ~ above the wall that correspond to the exact position of the center aiming nipples on the wall. Usage the measurements you took in the previous step to certain the marks space the exact same height and distance apart as the center marks on the headlight lenses. Draw a 7.94-inch horizontal and also vertical line through the one so that they intersect at the center of the circles. Box in the overcome you just drew to develop four 3.97-by-3.97-inch cubes about each circle.

Move back 25 feet.

Measure 25 feet from the wall surface and note the concrete. Ago up, while maintaining the wheels straight, till the pointer of her Tacoma’s prior bumper is appropriate at the note you made on the concrete -- currently you have the right to start making your adjustments.

Find the adjusters.

Identify the mediate screws or gears ~ above the ago of the headlight assemblies. If you room looking directly at the ago of the headlight assembly, the upright adjustment screw is at 8 o"clock position on the driver-side headlight and 4 o"clock position on the passenger headlight. The Horizontal mediate screw is at 11 o"clock ~ above the driver-side headlight and 1 o"clock on the passenger headlight.

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tips part Tacomas have actually a 4mm bolt for the horizontal and vertical mediate screws, if others have a little gear the you turn with a Phillips screwdriver. The screws may be spanned with tiny rubber caps. Just pull the caps turn off to reveal the equipment or 4mm screw head.

Adjust among the headlights

Disconnect the wiring harness from among the headlights, then rotate on the headlights. Revolve the upright adjustment screw counterclockwise to move the headlight beam down, or clockwise come raise the beam. The very top of the headlight beam have to be within the four matching squares you attracted on the wall. As soon as you’ve set the height, turn the horizontal screw clockwise to relocate the headlight beam inward or counterclockwise to relocate the beam outward.


The last turn of every adjuster have to be in the clockwise direction come lock in the adjustment.

Adjust the other headlight

Turn off the headlights. Disconnect the wiring exploit from the headlight girlfriend just readjusted and reconnect the wiring harness to the various other headlight. Repeat the adjustment procedure. Shut off the headlights, then attach the wiring harness. Replace any rubber covers that may have been ~ above the adjustment screws.