grant Morrison's Batman: Every Member that The Bat-Family's age In the context of grant Morrison"s Batman, which incorporates groundbreaking narratives, configuring the periods of the Bat-Family can be daunting.

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the doesn"t matter how plenty of Crisises or brand-new 52s over there are, one consistency in the DC multiverse the you have the right to count ~ above is just how inconsistent the ages of individuals are. Even in very closely crafted storylines, math and logic space dropped faster than that takes Batman to replace a Robin.

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In the context of provide Morrison"s Batman, which incorporates groundbreaking narratives, configuring the ages of the Bat-Family is daunting and requires connecting dots and also building turn off of those till an (almost) critical number is found.

In the brand-new 52, Damian won the ideal to discover of his father"s identification when he lastly bested his mother in combat ~ above his 10th birthday, and this canon period for him seems to be a holdover indigenous Morrison"s introduction of Damian Wayne. In 2010"s Batgirl Volume 3 #7, Morrison"s Damian is fighting alongside Stephanie Brown together Batgirl and he is, of course, gift a full brat to she in the field. Batgirl chalks this as much as "what happens as soon as you work with a 10-year-old."

from the modern Age comics, we know that Tim came to be Robin once he was 13-years-old and has to be stuck as a teenager ever since. In Robin Volume 2 #116, Tim is celebrate his 16th birthday, which came out three years before Grant Morrison started writing for Batman. Tim might have aged within that time but In Red Robin #25, which was released just before the launch of the brand-new 52 and also coincides through Morrison"s Batman Incorporated, we check out that Tim is in reality 17-years-old.

after ~ the apparent death of Batman, Cassandra Cain decided to give the mantle that Batgirl to her friend Stephanie Brown, who was back in she Spoiler costume at the moment of Morrison"s Batman run.

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Stephanie came to be Batgirl right as soon as she to be attending her student in the first year year in ~ college, i m sorry would put her at around the age of 18. Another clue come her being 18 is that she was able to go undercover at a finishing institution in Batman Incorporated, which most likely compelled real legit documents.

7 Jason Todd: 19-Years-Old

Jason Todd was killed in ~ the age of 15 and was resurrected 6 months later, which didn"t it seems to be ~ to change his physical age. Indigenous Jason"s fatality in Batman #427 to Tim Drake conference Alfred in Batman #441, we see that there"s period difference that 2 years between the two boys, which method that through his trip of gift resurrected, becoming Red Hood, and then acquisition the mantle of Wingman in Batman Incorporated Jason is Tim"s age plus 2 years, making the 19-years-old.

as soon as Cassandra Cain to be fighting crime under the tutelage the Oracle and Batman as Batgirl, Barbara mentions that she"s only 18-years-old in Batgirl #39. Later on, in 2005"s Batgirl #65, Batman mentions that Cassandra"s mommy Lady Shiva was choose a mommy to Jason Todd, however not his actual mommy as Cassandra and also Jason are "roughly the exact same age." since this is the case, that tracks the Cassandra, that takes top top the mantle as the black Bat that Hong Kong in Batman Incorporated, is additionally 19-years-old.

5 penis Grayson: 24-Years-Old

In Batman #436, penis says the it had actually been two years because he had left Batman"s side to come to be Nightwing, i beg your pardon was once he was about 18-years-old, make him about 20 as soon as he meets Tim Drake because that the second time (turns the end that he had met Tim the day that his parental had passed away 10 year earlier).

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Since Tim to be 13 at this time, there is an age difference of around 7 years in between the two former Robins, which means that cock would it is in 24.

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, what room we walk to carry out with you? will certainly we ever before know her true pre-52 period exactly? When she was an initial introduced, she to be an adult v a doctorate and then there was unexpectedly a six-year age difference between her and also Dick Grayson. On and on that went, until Detective Comics #871 basically put her around the same age as Dick, since the two supposedly went come prom together. Based upon this, the only answer can be the Barbara is about 24-years-old.

3 Future Damian as Batman: 25-Years-Old

As displayed in the suitably numbered Batman #666, Damian is the new Batman and he has sold his spirit to the evil one in exchange for immortality so that he could save Gotham. This version of Batman is collection fifteen years in the future, make Damian 25-years-old as he takes on an apocalyptic, dystopian world. His father is dead, but at the very least his cat Alfred is tho around. Batman tries to protect against this doomed future indigenous happening, i beg your pardon is an enormous component of Morrison"s Batman run.

together of 2009"s Detective Comics #858, it"s revealed in a flashback that contemporary Kate, aka Batwoman, is 32-years-old. Together Kate shows up in Batman included #4, i m sorry was released two years later, it can be assumed that she hadn"t aged lot by the moment she confirmed up in Morrison"s location – the frustrating beauty beauty of comic books.

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While many female characters are in their beforehand 20s (like the new 52"s Selina Kyle), it"s update to view a character prefer Kate be created a little older.

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1 Bruce Wayne: 43-years-old

Now, recognize Batman"s exact age is a genuine doozy as there are numerous inconsistencies, even in Morrison"s run. Therefore let"s begin somewhere tangible: follow to Batman: Year One, Bruce became Batman when he was 26. The "Year Three" storyline verified Bruce conference Grayson, making the 29 at the time. From below we watch that due to the fact that Dick left in ~ 18 after 6 years that Robin, Bruce to be 37. There to be then about six an ext years the Robins, which place him at 43 once Bruce met Damian.

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