I recognize this subject was debated before, yet it was lugged up ~ above Twitter and also I created my take on it and here I have the right to make a few amendments and add much more things due to the fact that I deserve to edit better here.

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I looked for info on Japanese sites and also the sources I have to determine what eras Vergil, Dante and also Nero are an alleged to be, I’m simply listing the things I found since it’s because that my lore archive and also it could be helpful for others.

So, let’s look at the sources that tell united state of what eras the characters are an alleged to be.As much as i knew Dante and Vergil as youngsters were presume to be eight years old, due to the fact that in DMC1, Dante is supposed to it is in 28 years old and we know that he lost his mother and also brother “20 year ago”.

Thing is, it’s not directly stated that he is exactly 28, he can have been roughly 29 years old in DMC1 and also this reality is known from Hideki Kamiya follow to this tweet, once he was asked what period Dante is an alleged to be, come which he replied that his period is comparable to Cobra, the personality from the manga of the exact same name, which inspired Kamiya to create Dante.


While 十数年 have the right to be understood as ‘decades’, because that me, listening the plural of decade renders me think that it method 20 or much more years if 1 decade=10 years.

The screenshot is from the component which introduces DMC3, so provided the paper definition wouldn’t “a decade” would have been a much better choice?Again, choose I mentioned, words in Japanese can be interpreted as decades, but it can additionally mean “ten-odd years” “more than 10 years” “over a decade”, the idea that “more than…” was what I thought it was the instance when I experienced the subtitles.

So, it’s possible they might have been 20-21 in DMC3, who knows, we don’t have actually anything declared clearly.

Now, let’s move on come Nero, since in some products it says just how old he is supposed to be, but they differ.

I because that one, because I knew this because that a lengthy time, was that Nero in DMC4 was the same age as Dante in DMC3, this supposedly being claimed by Itsuno in an interview for DMC4SE (which was in 2015, therefore not during the time when the original game was released), though ns never got to view that interview till recently.

The very first time whereby we get to know Nero’s period is in the novel deadly Fortune, i beg your pardon was released in 2009, however this novel, while created by Bingo Morihashi, the writer left Capcom when he composed the novel and also there are some inconsistencies through the game.

Here is what it claims in the novel (Sanctus speak to Nero, that recalls once he became leader the the Order and that’s when he met Vergil who came to Fortuna, 17 years prior to the main story)


“Well…I remember. Friend are about sixteen, seventeen, isn’t the right? Speaking that (if it’s about) seventeen years ago, I ended up being the leader that the order then. And then, in the same year, I had an encounter through a man, right here in Fortuna…”

So, if us go by the novel, Nero is 17 year in DMC4, but going with what Itsuno stated in an interview around DMC4SE:

伊津野: ネロは、 まだまだ未完成 なんですね。彼は、年齢的にも無鉄砲なところも、 『3』のダンテにカブる んです。

“Nero is quiet immature. (it means that the still has actually a methods to go)Because of his age as well as the recklessness, he coincides with Dante in DMC3”

Now, this is up because that interpretation, if we are to think he is claimed to be the same age as Dante remained in DMC3, this is what many believed including myself because that a lengthy time.“Because of his age”, ns think that here it implies that offered the age Nero is at the time, which is plainly is the of a teenager, that is rather inexperienced (that’s why it said previously about him gift immature), i think it’s just implied the him at the time was comparable to Dante in his youth.

Note, if Itsuno wanted to say the Nero, in terms of age was the exact same as DMC3 Dante, i think that would have actually said 同じ (the same), however instead he provided the verb カブる which has actually a bunch that meanings, however given the context and the means it was composed (usually verb written through katakana denote a certain meaning), and also it’s associated with one more verb ダブる (a mix of the English native “double” to add the finishing る to make it a verb), basically it way “to double”,to overlap”, “to coincide” “to duplicate”.

As you have the right to see, this is exactly how the idea the Nero being the very same as Dante in DMC3 most likely came to be understood. Until I saw the post in Japanese myself to view what words are used, I always thought the it intended that that is about the same period as Dante was.

The method Itsuno described him go kinda give the idea that Nero in DMC4 “coincides” with DMC3 Dante and this might have been construed with the period as well, and I saw that top top the Japanese blog where I took info from, the one who wrote it thought about the same thing, saying that if Nero’s age “coincides with” or is a “duplicate” that Dante’s DMC3 age, ns guess this is how it can have been understood for so lengthy that Nero would have actually been 19 and Dante would be 38 in DMC4.

In the prequel novel “Before the Nightmare”, Nico talks v a journalist around the events that happened in Fortuna “5 years ago”, later on she befriends Nero and also moves come Fortuna, v one chapter stating that she has been life there for an year, thus, indigenous DMC4 to the prologue that DMC5, the would median 6 years.

In DMC5, it would certainly make Dante and also Vergil it is in 44, if Nero would be 25 (or 23 if us go by the novel).

Since, Capcom have been vague around the ages, it’s up to everyone’s interpretation, us don’t have exact ages, mainly estimates, the twins space in their 40s and also Nero is in his early 20s and that’s it.

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As for me, ns will take into consideration their eras like I constantly did, such together the twins gift 8 when the attack happened, 19 in DMC3, and so on, while Nero I would certainly consider between 18-19 in DMC4 (if ns go by Itsuno’s words that he would have Dante’s age, then I have to take into consideration that the start of DMC3 events began with the manga). Provided the years in between the deadly Fortune novels and also that interview for DMC4SE, Itsuno and Morihashi (the latter not being at Capcom when he composed the novels apparently), had different ideas.

Also, as you have actually seen I have not taken all the media into account since what I operated with was enough for me to calculation the ages and also I recognize it was done before, but I wrote every one of the above mostly because that my lore archive, after i looked over the sources I have :)