Larry Blackmon network worth: Larry Blackmon is an American singer and also musician who has a network worth the $400 thousand. Larry Blackmon to be born in brand-new York City, new York in might 1956. He is best known because that being the front male of the R&B and also funk tape Cameo. He started the band eastern Coast and the brand-new York City players which to be renamed cameo. Blackmon additionally played drums for the band black Ivory. Cameo created in the early on 1970s and also still carry out as the 2015. The band released their debut studio album Cardiac Arrest in 1975. They have had #1 albums ~ above the united state R&B chart v their publication Cameosis in 1980, She"s strange in 1984, and Word Up! in 1986. Cameo has released 17 studio albums with their recent album Sexy Sweet point being exit in 2000. Their many successful solitary "Word Up!" reached #1 ~ above the us R&B and US dance charts. Cameo has also had #1 singles on the united state R&B chart with the song "She"s Strange", "Candy", and "Loverboy" (with Mariah Carey). Blackmon is known for his signature watch of a hi-top fade haircut and a codpiece worn over his pants.

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In 2014 Larry was sued by a previous landlord because that allegedly owing ago rent and also damaging an Atlanta apartment. The landlord was suing for $16,000 come cover debt and also repairs.

Larry started a las vegas residency in 2015.

In October 2018, Larry was sue by his former band mates because that allegedly cashing group royalty checks without paying them a cut. They claimed that Larry had cashed over $100,000 in royalties without paying them a dime. They also claimed the Larry was utilizing Cameo"s music in his las vegas residency without your permission. The lawsuit demanded that hand end 80% of the live show"s profits.

In June 2019, Larry sue his former band mates alleging the they were using the name "Cameo" there is no his permission for a group that they had actually formed referred to as "The original Cameo Family". His lawsuit sought $2 million in damages.

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Larry Blackmon

Net Worth:$400 Thousand
Date the Birth:May 24, 1956 (65 years old)
Profession:Songwriter, Actor, document producer, Singer, Music Arranger
Nationality:United claims of America

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