When regional 10 News chief Certified Meteorologist Betty Davis isn’t standing in front of the camera bringing friend the weather, she’s frequently in she kitchen happen her household delicious desserts.

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When neighborhood 10 News chief Certified Meteorologist Betty Davis no standing in prior of the camera bringing girlfriend the weather, she’s frequently in she kitchen bringing her family members delicious desserts.
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – When regional 10 News cook Certified Meteorologist Betty Davis isn’t standing in former of the camera bringing friend the weather, she’s regularly in her kitchen pass her family delicious desserts.

Now her love that baking is benefitting the scholarship initiatives of she alma mater, one of the peak historically black colleges and also universities in the U.S.

It began behind the doors in ~ the iconic Fontainebleau Hotel ~ above Miami Beach where executive pastry chief Brielle Fratellone has actually been making baking magic because that the previous six years.

“It is a wonderful chance to really indulge in all different species of pastry, we do chocolate, we carry out gelato we execute breads, I obtain all aspect of bakery every within one element,” Fratellone said.

When Davis want to find a means to rotate her personal passion for baking right into a purpose, Fratellone was every in.

“Cake is a wonderful part of mine profession I acquire to bake and make people happy through cakes but now we acquire to bake because that a benefit as well,” she said.


Fratellone concocted a one-of-a-kind cake to sell in the Chez Bon Bon bakery in ~ the Fontainebleau.

Fifty percent that the proceeds from the revenue of the cakes will support the scholarship money for Spelman College, an historic black college and global leader in educating young women.

“It was a huge part in the foundation of my education but likewise helping to build my confidence as a young woman,” Davis said.

This baking because that a advantage effort started with lemon a lemon infused cake batter, representing the sun.

In between the great there’s a fresh blueberry jam filling to symbolize the sky with a surprise element from the earth.

“You’re no just gaining blueberry and also sugar you’re walk to include a tiny bit the rosemary,” Fratellone said.

With the icing and final touch in place, the meteorological-inspired masterpiece was complete.

“There we have it, Betty Davis’ Lemon Chiffon Cake with a 100 Percent opportunity of Blueberries,” the 2 laughed in unison.


The cake will certainly be on sale at Chez Bon Bon in ~ the Fontainebleau respectable 12 v September 9, 2021.

To order, speak to 305-674-4740.

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