Natural hair is our true identity, yet is it obtaining unexciting? space you in the mood come experiment? Then, hair texturizing is something that could interest you. Here’s everything you need to know about hair texturizing. Role down!

What Is Texturized Hair?

This is a usual question. Hair texturizing is no a brand-new concept. It has been about since the 1990s and also was mainly done by African-American women. Females of color opted for this process to relax your tight curls.

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Textured hair is different from texturized hair. In texturizing, the existing curly pattern is devolved into loosened curls without completely straightening it. Thus, it create a an ext natural look.

Though texturizing is a chemical-based process, the is lot milder than hair relaxing. Moreover, texturizers perform not disrupt the herbal curl pattern entirely, together opposed come relaxing inside the herbal texture of her hair is totally transformed (1).

Why would anyone want to texturize their hair? turns out, it uses a ton the benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

What room The benefits Of Texturized Hair?

Adds volume to your hair.Reduces flyaways, frizz, and unruly hair.Imparts light to her locks.Gives friend lighter and an ext manageable curls.Growing the end texturized hair is simpler than cultivation out calm hair.Makes it much easier to comb and detangle your hair.Makes it simpler to straighten her hair and shot out new hairstyles.

Note: A texturizer could use chemicals that adjust the pH balance of her scalp or hair. It may reason irritation or burns. Hence, execute a spot test before using a texturizer to make sure your hair works well v it.

Texturized Hair – Before and After

Texturized Hair – Before and AfterTexturized Hair – Before and also After

As discussed earlier, texturizing might not make a groundbreaking difference, however it will give you a preferable outcome. If you have type 4 (A, B or C) hair, texturizing it may lug it under to type 3 curls v a lot softer texture. After ~ texturizing, her hair will certainly not be resistant come styling.

Texturized quick HairTexturized brief Hair

Texturized tool HairTexturized tool Hair

Texturized Kinky HairTexturized Kinky Hair

Now, let’s look at the differences between texturizers and also relaxers.

Texturizers Vs. Relaxers

There is a boy difference in between a texturizer and a relaxer, which deserve to be fairly confusing. Both contain chemistry that change your hair texture permanently. The only distinction lies in the time factor.

The purpose of a texturizer is to ease the curls to part extent and not straighten them. Texturizers relax the tight curls into waves and make it much easier to comb her hair. A relaxer will certainly straighten her hair completely. Relaxers contain sodium hydroxide that transforms the pH of your hair, making the straight and also sleek.

The damages caused through a relaxer is much greater than through a texturizer. A texturizer includes botanical ingredient that space smeared on her hair because that 5 come 10 minutes. Be safe are commonly left on her hair for 15 to 20 minutes and need come be processed by a neutralizer and also a conditioner. These heavily loaded chemistry in a relaxer may cause permanent damage to your curls if done on a continual basis.

The results vary dramatically in both processes. A texturizer works ideal on quick S-shaped curls, when relaxers work ideal on S-shaped and also Z-shaped curls.

Texturized Hair and Relaxed HairTexturized Hair and Relaxed Hair

Now that you recognize what hair texturizing is, stop look into the process of texturizing and how the is actually done.

The process Of Texturizing

A texturizer may permanently transform the structure of your hair. The chemicals in it change the keratin (proteins) in your hair that provides it a fixed structure.

Your hair is made up of amino acids that lend that its curliness. When a texturizer is applied, the hydrogen binding in amino acids room broken, which outcomes in looser curls.

There are two types of texturizers – one includes lye formula, and the other does not. Lye formula is harmful to your hair and also can burn her scalp if used rigorously.

If you have actually S-shaped curls (light curls), you might see a drastic change. But if you have actually Z-shaped curls, the outcomes can’t it is in predicted. The sitting time because that texturizer is in between 5 come 10 minutes.

It is vital to wash out a texturizer with a neutralizer to terminate the chemical process. Store in mind that a texturizer have the right to be harmful to her hair if done on a continuous basis. It is encourage to use organic conditioners or protein therapies to safeguard your hair indigenous damage.


You can acquire silky, soft, and also manageable hair instantly.You require not visit high-quality parlors because that texturizing. This procedure can be lugged out at home.Has long-lasting results.


The results might not it is in uniform for every hair type.Texturizers contain harmful chemicals.

Since hair texturizing is a chemical treatment, you must take suitable care of your hair after obtaining it done. Given below are a few maintenance tips the you should follow come nourish her hair and also keep it looking healthy.

How come Take care Of Texturized Hair

Use commodities that suit your hair ~ texturizing. Top a skilled stylist or your hairdresser prior to buying the product. Buy commodities that preserve the shine and moisture levels of your hair.Sleep with a silk scarf wrapped roughly your head. This help in reduce frizz.It is essential to wet her hair daily. This helps in restructuring your curls. Combing wet hair will eliminate tangles and also frizziness.Use a shampoo and also conditioner encourage by your stylist in ~ least 4 times a week. Regular conditioning is obligated to preserve the soft of your hair. While showering, run your finger from the roots to the advice to eliminate tangles.Go because that retouching if you observe any uptight curls. At-home texturizers occupational well, however it is vital to above a stylist prior to using them.

If you are planning on gaining your hair texturized, make certain you research and use the right products. What are your think on texturizing? let us know in the comments ar below!

Frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to adjust your hair texture with organic products?

Yes, the vital point is to boost the moisture level in her hair. Usage 100% organic shampoos the hydrate her scalp and soften the texture of her hair. After taking a shower, use natural methods of drying your hair instead of using a blow dryer.

How is argan oil advantageous in enhancing hair texture?

Argan oil is affluent in vitamins A, C, and also E. It have the right to be used as a leave-in conditioner to soften rough and also frizzy hair. That is loaded v antioxidants and linoleic and also omega-6 fat acids that assist in moisturizing her scalp and hair and also relaxing tight curls.

Can you adjust your hair texture v surgery?

No, friend cannot change your hair texture v surgery. You can use chemical treatments or natural commodities to do so.

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